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Youths learn important lessons on proper nutrition

Jr NBA participants taking part in Dutch Ladys NutriGames.

Jr NBA participants taking part in Dutch Ladys NutriGames.

If there is one thing that basketball players can do better than playing ball, it’s eat.

Getting ready for a game relies on more than just pure talent because basketballers have to condition their bodies with the fuel.

One of the major factors that determine whether a player will become a good basketball player or a great one is their diet.

As any basketball coach or gym teacher can tell you, the key to health is diet and that means a balanced meal of proteins, carbohydrates, grains, and vegetables.

The proof is in the physique and performance of today’s top NBA stars. To keep the body in good health is a duty of all athletes regardless of age and gender.

The Jr NBA Malaysia programme presented by Dutch Lady imparts this commitment in each young aspiring basketballer.

The programme not only trains participants in the fundamentals of basketball, but also emphasises the importance of sufficient nutrition and a balanced diet.

“You are what you eat. It is necessary for each Jr NBA participant and all youth to maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle, don’t take your youth for granted,” said Jr NBA programme head coach Chris Sumner.

“This programme places the youth under the watchful eyes of experienced coaches, puts them through fitness regimes, and basketball drills that are crucial for them to succeed in the sport,” he noted.

The Jr NBA programme at the regional stage which is free and open to boys and girls aged five to 14 is open for registration until maximum capacity is reached.

Players between the age of 10 and 14 will be eligible for selection during the selection camp at IGB International School in Sungai Buloh on July 8 and 9, a two-day event made up of skill stations and clinics on the first day, followed by scrimmages and final selections on the second day.

From there, the best 32 boys and girls from the Selection Camp will be invited to participate in the Jr NBA National Training Camp in Kuala Lumpur from July 28 to 30.

They will have the chance to get up-close with a current or former NBA player and will culminate with eight boys and eight girls being named 2017 Jr NBA Malaysia All-Stars.

For more information on registration for the camp, visit the official and