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Bouncing back in style

Participants in the girls category shooting off from the starting line.

Participants in the girls category shooting off from the starting line.

KLANG regained the overall title in the Milo-Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSS) cross country championships.

In the event, held at Taman Botani Shah Alam, Klang, who lost the overall title to Hulu Langat last year, dominated the championships catering for three age groups – Under-12, Under-15 and Under-18 – for both boys and girls.

Klang were champions in five of six categories – boys’ Under-12, boys’ Under-15, boys’ Under-18, girls’ Under-12 and girls’ Under-18. Petaling Perdana denied Klang a clean sweep when they won the top spot in the girls’ Under-15 category.

Besides Klang and Petaling Perdana, eight other districts – Sabak Bernam, Kuala Selangor, Hulu Selangor, Gombak, Petaling Utama, Sepang, Kuala Langat and Hulu Langat – took part in the two-day championships.

Selangor Education Department sports unit head Noor Azli Abdul Rahman said they were pleased with the athletes’ overall performance.

The participants racing towards the finishing line.
The participants racing towards the finishing line. 

“All the 10 districts came well prepared. The competition for the top three spots in each category was quite intense. Some of the athletes had clocked personal best in their respective events,’’ said Noor Azli.

In the boys’ Under-18 category, Denesh Verma, a student from Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) representing Petaling Perdana, won the gold medal after finishing the distance in 30:20. The second and third spots went to teammate S. Thirshen Kumar (30:31) and Klang’s David Leong (30:50), respectively.

Petaling Perdana’s Aafreen Irdina Mohd Aizar defended her gold medal in the girls’ Under-15 age group. The youngster clocked 29:55 to finish ahead of Petaling Utama’s Esther Joy Chen Chong Li (31:20) and Petaling Perdana’s M. Harinee (31:48).

Representatives from SJK(T) Sungai Renggam in Shah Alam also made their presence felt in the boys’ and girls’ Under-12 age group.

R. Yuthika and E. Jeevitaa finished in the second and fourth spot in the girls’ section while R. Rakshan Raj was second in the boys’ category.

Two other representatives – U. Samni and M. Vishnu – were 8th and 10th in the girls’ and boys’ categories respectively.

Jeevananthan (back row) with his charges (from left) Samni, Jeevitha, Yuthikaa, Rakshan and Vishnu.
Jeevananthan (back row) with his charges (from left) Samni, Jeevitha, Yuthikaa, Rakshan and Vishnu. 

SJK(T) Sungai Renggam athletics coach P. Jeevananthan said they were satisfied with their athletes’ performances in the cross country championships.

“We had drawn up a training programme and the athletes were committed towards getting good results. Now we will focus our attention on getting them prepared for the track and field championships,’’ said Jeevananthan.

Noor Azli said based on the athletes’ impressive results, they were looking forward to making an impact in the Milo-Malaysian Schools Sports Council (MSSM) cross country championships in March.

“We have been the overall champions for the past nine years. Once again we are looking forward to win the overall crown. It will be great if we can win the title for the 10th season,’’ said Noor Azli.




Individual: 1. K. Viranan (Sepang) 17:26; 2. R. Rakshan (Petaling Perdana ) 17:34; 3. P. Thirukumar (Sabak Bernam) 17:38.

Team: 1. Klang 125 points; 2. Kuala Selangor 125 points; 3. Petaling Perdana 136 points.


Individual: 1. S. Devesshraja (Klang) 24:32; 2. G. Aajitshwar (Klang) 25:21; 3. M. Vimalarasan (Kuala Langat) 25:47.

Team: 1. Klang 52 points; 2. Petaling Perdana 85 points; 3. Petaling Utama 108 points.


Individual: 1. Denesh Verma (Petaling Perdana ) 30:20; 2. S. Thirshenkumar (Petaling Perdana) 30:31; 3. David Leong (Klang) 30:50.

Team: 1. Klang 99 points; 2. Petaling Perdana 108 points; 3. Hulu Selangor 113 points.



Individual: 1. S. Vaishenavi (Kuala Langat) 19:51; 2. R. Yuthika (Petaling Perdana) 20:28; 3. Nurlisha Dania Shahrom (Klang) 20:35.

Team: 1. Klang 72 points; 2. Kuala Langat 108 points; 3. Petaling Perdana 109 points.


Individual: 1. Aafreen Irdina Mohd Aizar (Petaling Perdana) 29:55; 2. Esther Joy Chen Chong Li (Petaling Utama) 31:20; 3. M. Harinee (Petaling Perdana ) 31:48.

Team: 1. Petaling Perdana 57 points; 2. Petaling Utama 90 points; 3. Gombak 108 points.


Individual: 1. Nurfazleen Abdullah (Gombak) 32:14; 2. Ho Hooi Yi (Klang) 32:20; 3. Ki Jing Wen (Klang) 32:38.

Team: 1. Klang 32 points; 2. Petaling Perdana 118 points; 3. Gombak 149 points.

Overall champions: Klang

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