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Where?, What? Things to prepare and know

Crossing of the river by using the stepping stones 

Crossing of the river by using the stepping stones


Gunung Nuang

Kuala Pangsoon, Selangor


Trekking in Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang (via Hulu Langat)

Altitude: 1,493m above sea level

Difficulty level: Challenging


Drive: Rawang to Hutan Lipur Gunung Nuang: Approximately one hour and 20 minutes

Hiking: Starting point to peak of Nuang: Approximately five hours and 30 minutes. The journey down from the summit is about half an hour.

Hike duration varies for individuals with different fitness levels.

Cost: RM1 for entrance fee.

Things you should know

It is advisable to hike as early as possible if you want to reach the peak by noon and avoid being caught in the evening thunderstorm. You can also opt to camp a night at Camp Lolo if you wish to catch the sunrise at the peak.

Do register with the ranger-in-charge before the start of your hike.

Location of Nuang

Location of Nuang

You will first encounter a stony track nicknamed ‘the never-ending road’, which goes on for about 5km. Along the way, you will come across six shelters with signage to show the distance from Camp Lolo and the Start Point.

It is roughly 1km to the Lolo base camp from the shelter just before it, and you will need to cross a river. There are stepping stones to help you cross more easily.

There are four other river crossings and you will see the old Hydrodam Lolo on the way before reaching the Lolo campsite. Look out for the signage to make sure you are still on the right path.

It is about 2.2km from the Lolo campsite to the Pacat campsite, but the trek is laborious because the path is steep and mostly a rutted clay track. It can be horrendous, especially during or after a downpour. Remember to pace yourself so that you do not get exhausted easily.

You will first encounter the ‘false summit’ known as Puncak Pengasih before the peak of Mount Nuang which is about 1.9km from the Pacat campsite. Nearing the peak, you will need to hoist yourself up and be sure-footed as the ground here is rocky.

View at the peak of Nuang

View at the peak of Nuang

If you want to avoid traversing ‘the never-ending road’ on your way back, you can engage locals to ferry you back to the starting point on motorcycles for a fee.

Things to prepare

• Check the weather forecast before planning the hike.

• It is advisable to trek together as a group rather than alone.

• Wear either trekking shoes or locally made rubber shoes which will give you a good grip on the terrain. Do not wear slippers for the hike.

• Bring along headlamps and a raincoat.

Part of the never-ending 5km road

Part of the never-ending 5km road

• If you have a hiking pole or workout gloves, you might want to consider bringing them.

• It is recommended to apply sunblock and insect repellent.

• It is vital to stay hydrated throughout, so pack bottles of water and isotonic drinks as well as some energy-boosting snacks.

Old hydro pipeline in Nuang

• Most of all, be responsible for your rubbish by bringing it back down with you and disposing of it properly.