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Four people win first draw in new 4D game

MAGNUM’S 4D Jackpot Gold Jackpot 2 prize went to four people at mGold’s first official draw.

The mGold game is a variation of the Magnum 4D Jackpot Gold, whereby it is more affordable and allows players and winners to win a fraction of the Jackpot prizes with a minimum investment of RM2.

“The mGold game has been available since May 15 and it has received positive response from all our customers.

“With mGold, our customers not only have a wider portfolio of games to choose from, but they now have more economical options as well,” said a Magnum representative.

The four winners of the Jackpot 2 prize money bought mGold tickets and won a fraction of the prize money. They were from Johor, Negri Sembilan, Kuantan and East Malaysia.

An mGold player from Ipoh said, “With mGold, the chance of winning is better but I spend less. Even though it is only a fraction of the Jackpot prize, it is still money that I won.”

Another customer from Selangor said, “Magnum has always been creative when it comes to playing the 4D game as the 4D Jackpot Gold game is based on the 4D draw. I like the fact that I have more choices and opportunities to win.”

A Magnum representative said, “We have always placed our customers first.

“We want to create games that all players will enjoy, but we also want to instil in them the importance of playing responsibly.

“We do not want any of our customers to spend more than they can afford. Playing with Magnum should be fun and exciting.

“That is why we aim to create more variety so that there is a wider selection of games to choose from,” the representative added.

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