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Govt urged to upgrade IPG Gaya into university

KOTA KINABALU: Education Ministry should consider converting the Gaya teachers training institute into a full-fledge English teaching university, a state minister Datuk Masidi Manjun said.

He said instead of closing down the institute or converting it into a technical or vocational school, the Government should explore the possibility of upgrading Institute of Teacher Training Gaya campus into a full-fledge university.

Masidi, who is state Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, said Sabah was against the proposal to turn IPG Gaya into a vocational and technical school when the idea was mooted over a year ago.

“The state government was opposed to it. I think we need to look far ahead in this matter. It is not about us but for the future.

“We need to come out with a policy that will benefit use in the future,” he said after witnessing a memorandum of understanding between IPG Gaya and Sabah Special Olympics.

Masidi said IPG Gaya could become a full-fledge English university providing “pre-service and in-service” teachers for Asean countries and help generate revenue for the state government.

Sabah was keen to equip its future generation with skills needed to meet the new global challenges, he said.

“That is why I believe we should seriously consider turning IPG Gaya into an English-medium teachers university,” added Masidi, who oversees Sabah’s education matters.

Late last year, Gaya and the Keningau teachers training institutes were among the country’s institutes that were being considered for shutting down due to cost factors.

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