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Cat club holds seminar to help breeders get certified

Sharif with his 11-month-old Kurilian Bob Cat.

Sharif with his 11-month-old Kurilian Bob Cat.

LOADS of cats could be seen at the Craft Centre in Jalan Conlay, in conjunction with the Malaysia Cat Club (MCC) workshop and seminar.

The seminar was held to educate members on how to register their cats and become certified breeders.

Maine Coone, British Shorthairs and Sphinx were some of the cats there, brought by their owners who are club members.

The highlight of the event was the introduction of two new types of exotic cats – the Kurilian Bobtail and Turkish Van.

Rosmin Iqbal Hussain, 40, the owner of Cattery Fereshte-Turk, gushed about her five Turkish Van cats.

“The Turkish Van cat originated from Turkey but as it is a protected breed, it is very hard to buy directly from there. Mine are from Finland and Germany.

“The Turkish Van cats are mostly white with the Van markings on their head and tail. They are playful and lively,” Rosmin added.

Being the exclusive breeder of a Kurilian Bobtail in Malaysia, Sharif Zainal owner of Sri Bulan Cattery, claim that this cat originated from the isolated Kurile and Sakhalin Islands off the east coast of Russia.

“These breed of cats are characterised by their bobbed tails, which is a result of a dominant recessive gene, which usually results in a pom-pom or ponytail-shaped tail.

“Kurilian Bobtails used to roam the wild and regularly catch snakes. They are very good hunters,” Sharif said.

MCC advisor Awaluddin Jaafar explained the steps needed to register cats and obtain certification.

“Once the owner or breeder send in their registration application, we will process them accordingly and if the cat is imported, we need to see their certificate to confirm their origins and pedigree.

“If the information given is correct, we will produce a certificate from MCC itself, which is internationally recognised by Federation International Feline (FIFe),” Awaluddin said.