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10 after work habits for personal success

Success means different things to different people. For some, it may mean climbing to the top of the career ladder. To others, it may mean achieving a high quality of life.

However, no matter what your version of success is, it is important to spend our spare time cultivating good habits that will lead you down the path to personal success.

The time we spend after work can affect how each of us achieves personal success. Here is a list of nine such habits to inspire you to spend your spare hours wisely.

1. Exercise

No matter how busy you are, make sure to fit in time to work out every week. Exercising does not just boost your personal health, but doing it regularly also builds your energy levels. It’s also a great way to boost endorphins (your happy hormones) and encourage a more positive outlook on life within yourself.

2. Pick up a new activity

Challenge yourself with new activities every once in a while. It might be intimidating at first to try something different. However, getting out of your comfort zone once in a while is good for building courage and self-esteem, while picking up a newfound skill.

3. Goal-setting

One way to achieve more in your daily routine is to monitor the progress of your personal as well as career-related goals.

Break bigger goals down into smaller, manageable ones so they remain realistic. For example, a goal of losing 5kg might be broken down into several smaller goals such as first signing up for a gym membership, then working out once a week, next twice a week, and so on.

Set one day in a week (such as a Sunday) to hash out your personal and career growths for the coming week, and try your best to keep to them. By actively monitoring yourself, you’ll find that you can get more tasks done than before.

4. Reading

There are lots of benefits to picking up the habit of reading. Apart from your improved vocabulary and fluency in the language you read, reading reduces stress, boosts memory and concentration and can stimulate new creative ideas within yourself. Therefore, whether sci-fi or non-fiction is your thing, pick up a book and dedicate at least 20 minutes a day to reading. Stick to this and you’ll find that your general knowledge will also have expanded.

5. Wake up earlier

Do you find yourself cramming your breakfast into your mouth and scrambling out the door in the morning only to find that you left an important document at home?

Mornings are important to set the tone for the rest of your day. If you start your day in a stressful rush, chances are the effects of it will carry forward into your day.

If this happens more often than you like, try setting your alarm to wake you up at least 30 minutes earlier every morning (don’t hit snooze!), to get through your chores productively. This efficiency will boost your confidence and set the pace for the rest of your day.

6. Delegate chores

If you find that your career and chores take up too much of your time, then find ways to delegate some of your routine tasks. For example, signing up for a home cleaning service every week frees up your time to attend to your other lifestyle needs, or spending 10 minutes on a grocery delivery website during your lunch break could potentially save you from hours of traffic to and from the store.

7. Head somewhere green

While attending to the hustle and bustle of daily life, don’t forget to reconnect with nature every so often. Spending time outdoors can help calm the mind and boost your mood, leaving you with higher spirits and vitality. So, make sure to head outdoors every so often, even if it is just a short 20-minute evening stroll in the park.

8. Create a bedtime routine

Your going-to- sleep routine is just as important as your waking up routine. Take the time to prepare your schedule for the next day, line up the outfit that you’re planning to wear to work, organise your gym bag if you plan to work out after, and so on. This will leave your mornings less hectic, and free up your mind to think about other important tasks.

9. Schedule time for loved ones

Juggling work, chores and personal obligations, can be hectic enough without thinking about the relationships you may be neglecting. After all, your friends and family are your primary support group that will keep you going in good times or  bad. Instead of leaving your ‘leftover’ time for your loved ones, schedule them into your life.

For example, schedule a date night where just you and significant other head out to dinner and catch up. Do the same for your close friends too - setup a date and time way in advanced and keep to it, even if it is weeks away. Meeting up once a month is better than not meeting up at all.

10. Feed your mind and body

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