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Artist, 16, thrilled with his splashing debut

Chung Kwang briefing Lee on one piece called ‘I Bought A Hat’ at the exhibition.

Chung Kwang briefing Lee on one piece called ‘I Bought A Hat’ at the exhibition.

HIGH school student Ho Chung Kwang announced himself to the local art scene with his first exhibition at Pik Nik Cafe in Nagore Road, Penang.

Aptly titled ‘Behold’, it features 31 small and medium-sized pieces done in the past two years.

Chung Kwang, who turns 17 in May, has enjoyed creative expression since kindergarten but started taking art seriously only in the past two years.

That happened after a teacher at Han Chiang High School recognised his impressive talent and encouraged him to pursue art.

“I’ve never joined any competition or exhibition before. This the first time I’m showing my works to the public, so behold!” he said of the title at the recent opening of the exhibition.

Chung Kwang, who also goes by the moniker Bodhi, said his works were not in any particular genre and called them simply ‘detailed art’ due to their intricate lines.

“They are a collage of elements that entice viewers to look at a picture longer and find its message on their own.”

Story Time by Ho Chung Kwang. (Jeremy Tan / March 17, 2017)
An artwork by Chung Kwang called ‘Story Time’ features a fantastical element.

He uses pens, watercolours and colour pencils to create pieces that depict subjects ranging from local imagery to the fantastical.

“Sometimes, inspiration comes out of nowhere like when I’m taking a bath and I just go with it,” he said.

The youngster, who intends to pursue art at tertiary level, was delighted at the turnout for the launch.

The event was launched by Penang State Art Gallery chairman Lee Khai, who advised the youth to keep exploring art.

“Producing art is usually a private process but once you show your art to the world, you’re open to people’s comments both good and bad. That is the true test of one’s passion.

“An artist’s breakout solo is a very important step and today, a new star is born,” Lee said.

The exhibition at the cafe, which runs until April 9, is open from 3pm to midnight daily.

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