Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Group distributes food coupons to the underprivileged at fundraiser

Lim (left) giving a RM50 food voucher to a needy family at the event.

Lim (left) giving a RM50 food voucher to a needy family at the event.

HELPING the poor while helping a children’s charity at the same time.

That was what a group of friends did during the Children’s Protection Society’s (CPS) Charity Food Fair and Bazaar at the Methodist Boys School in Penang on Sunday.

Calling themselves the Zhen Shan Weei Welfare Group, they donated RM2,500 worth of the event’s coupons to the needy.

“We gave each person RM100 worth of coupons,” said group co-founder Joyce Lim.

She said they got their list of poor people from volunteers in various organisations in the state.

“When these organisations are no longer able to cope with their cases, we step in to help.

“For example, we are paying for the education of a widow’s children which comes up to RM500 a month,” Lim added.

Single mother Loh Ean Cheng, 38, said she was grateful and happy to the group for the food coupons.

“I have to take care of two children and two elderly folk. My salary is only slightly over RM1,000. This saves me a lot of money as my two boys are just in their early schooling years,” Loh said.

CPS president Datuk Seri Nazir Ariff said the society was established 25 years ago to help neglected and abandoned children.

“A few hundred children have gone through our home in these 25 years. Most of them have gotten on with their lives while one has a doctorate in Maths,” he said.

Event organising vice-chairman Madeline Leong said the society had reached its target of raising RM200,000 from the fair and bazaar.

“Our operation cost is more than RM300,000 a year. Therefore, we need to reach out to the public by organising events like this,” she said.

A big crowd turned up for the event which featured various types of food and merchandise in 75 stalls. There were also foot reflexology, henna painting and an art competition as well as singing and band performances.

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