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Jamy Yang Mingjie: Shared travelling values

Jamy Yang Mingjie

Jamy Yang Mingjie

As one of China’s foremost industrial designers, Jamy Yang Mingjie, has an eye for amalgams of beauty and functionality, no matter how old the object.

A collector of all things beautiful and functional, Yang often leaves a lot of room in his two cases when he travels so that he can stuff them full of collectible and curios on his way back to Shanghai, where he works as design director at the company he helped establish, Jamy Yang and Associates Design (

Yang, 39, the first Tumi Global Citizen from China, is no stranger to receiving awards for excellence in design. He has won at least 50 design awards, including five prestigious Red Dot awards.

Just like Dominic Lau, Germany-trained Yang does travel a fair bit in his line of work.

Jamy Yang Mingjie envisions travellers zipping to their destinations seated on this sleek travel case he designed with Tumi in mind.

“On average, I pack and unpack two to three times per month. My approach to packing is methodical, with the largest item in first, and the smallest item going in last.

“I like to buy antiques and other trinkets when I travel, and I have to make the best use of space in my travel cases,” said Yang, who received his first Tumi this year in the form of a present from a friend.

“It was an Alpha briefcase made of leather. Before this, I had already had many briefcases, some of which are rather well designed.

“But since I started using the Tumi bag, I have not changed bags since. It has proven to be so efficient and convenient.

“By nature, I like to be organised. And so, I need something that can help me get organised quickly and efficiently. After having used Tumi, I find that it solved the many organisational challenges I face when packing.

“For example, I like to categorise things according to how frequently I need them. There are things that need to be taken out daily, weekly, monthly or rarely.

“If the configuration of the luggage is right, then it will be pleasant, especially when rushing for a flight, when you need to know exactly where things are. That is my ‘packing style’, and I find that Tumi solves my problems,” said Yang, who has now expanded his collection to four pieces of Tumi bags.

There is one piece that is housed in his five-storey private museum measuring 2,790sqm that honours good design in Shanghai – a white Tegra.

Yang, who approaches design using a logical and structured approach, shares many common values with Tumi, such as being careful, meticulous, and organised – attributes of the brand he discovered when he was approached to be a Global Citizen.

“I took about a week to think it over. I looked at the Tumi DNA, and the philosophy behind the global citizen campaign, where national boundaries no longer exist. I thought it was interesting, and found much similarity with my own values. I really felt honoured.”

Videos on the duo can be found at Tumi Asia on

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