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Moss the boss: Kate Moss returns for another partnership with Topshop

Supermodel Kate Moss is back for her second collaboration with high street retailer Topshop in new collection.

Iit's no secret that Kate Moss’ wardrobe is constantly scrutinised and everything she wears becomes an instant trend. And if you want to look as stylish as Moss, you need to check out her latest collection with Topshop.

Her first collaboration was a resounding success and this particular collection is said to embody the spirit of “being Kate”.

Kate Moss for Kate Moss x Topshop.

The 40-piece line is boho chic with a touch of luxe and ranges from casual to semi-formal wear. It has a summer festival feel and you can find pieces like a buttery soft suede runner shorts, flowy paisley printed tops and Native American embroidered mini dresses.

There are also lace maxi dresses, camisole tops and scarves for the day and chic beaded fringed mini dresses, smart catsuits, tailored black and gold tuxedo jackets and slinky silver sheath maxi dresses for night.

Moss shares some thoughts on the collection and design process in an e-mail interview.

What was your source of inspiration for this collaboration? Have you a name for the collection?

My collections are always music focused. Going to festivals is what I think of as summer – it’s what summer means to me. But there is also a lot of hippy deluxe “lounging around the pool” kind of things, and plenty to wear for cocktail hour. I would totally wear everything in the collection – they are all pieces inspired from my own wardrobe, pieces that I can wear in different situations and in different ways. The collection doesn’t have a name but it is divided into four distinctive trends which are balearic dressing, pajama, cocktail hour and tailoring noir.

Kate Moss for Kate Moss x Topshop.

Why did you decide to do a collaboration and why after three years?

I have shopped in Topshop since I was really young, living in Croydon and I think it is the best shop on the high street. Plus I have always wanted to design my own collection and as I am still really busy modelling, the collaboration is the perfect opportunity. I have a great relationship with Topshop and Uncle Phil (Sir Philip Green, the owner of Topshop). 

Philip and I get on really well and he asked me back so I said “yes!” I also really missed being involved in the design process, and working with the team at Topshop. I am very excited to create a new collection that bears my name. Now more than ever with London being at the forefront of fashion, it does feel like I’m back home working with Topshop.

What are the differences between your first collaboration and this collection?

My first collection was three and a half years ago. I have grown up since then, and things that I want to wear are different. It is a natural evolvement. I was girlier then, and I could still get away with wearing flowery little things. We still have tea dresses in the collection, but they are more grown up now – a bit more sophisticated but you can still wear them if you are young.

When you are designing a collection, what items do you always include?

A jacket is always a good one – our jackets have always been my favourite things. The leather jackets are amazing, and the blazers. There is also need for the little tea dresses and it is essential to have dresses for special occasions like cocktail dresses and some great evening pieces.

Were there any challenges? If so, what were they and how did you overcome them?

We spent a lot of time making sure the embellishments were right and making the collection look chic and glamorous, while keeping the essence that is “being Kate”.

Talk us through the design process. What is your favourite part?

I like the whole process from hanging out with the girls (in the design team), deciding on the concept, getting excited about things and realising “we really can get the quality of the fabrics we want” and, of course, seeing the final collection come back.

Kate Moss x Topshop collection.

You mentioned the essence of the collection is “being Kate” – explain how this will come across in the collection. Will the collection be representative of your style and taste?

Because I would wear everything in the collection, it is really true to my style. There are pieces I want to wear in any situation: like the pyjama slip dress and the tailoring – the tailoring noir and things that I couldn’t find or wanted more of so have included them, I’ll be wearing it all. 

I wanted to add more of the things I love, like all of the vintage laces and embellished pieces that are difficult to find. Because they are second-hand the lace is often ripped or the sequins are falling off so to have a new version is the perfect solution.

Which is your personal favourite piece?

There are so many, but if I had to narrow it down, my list would include the gold and black suit; the embroidered kaftan because it is a copy of a vintage find that I wear every summer; the blue leather fringe jacket which is based on the one I have worn to three Rolling Stones concerts and it’s my gig jacket; and the white lace maxi dress because of the work that has gone into making it.

Kate Moss wearing a top and bottom from the Kate Moss x Topshop collection.

What are your expectations for the collection?

That it becomes timeless with pieces people will wear again and again. I have been told that people are still buying my first collection online, that shows the collections have longevity which is great.

> The Kate Moss x Topshop collection will be in stores April 30.

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