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Denim drift: Fabric that's always en trend

Stay cool: Levi’s Coolmax jeans feature specially woven fibres that have a cooling effect.

Stay cool: Levi’s Coolmax jeans feature specially woven fibres that have a cooling effect.

Fashion’s laid-back style takes on new life with this season’s offerings.

DENIM as a trend has always been around. Yet again you will see the immediately identifiable material making its way onto the runway – and from there, into wardrobes, season after season.

Out of the many designed pieces in general, a pair of jeans remains the most ubiquitous. Any one pair works just as well when dressed up or down, and fits all the different occasions that it can be appropriated for.

So, what changes in each new collection? What do denim brands offer up that is new, current and hip? The nuances of inspiration and a functional ease of things, it seems.

True Religion for example takes on aspects of style, travel, rock ‘n’ roll and a love of the open road, for its Spring 2014 collection. In it, the brand celebrates a perceived sophisticated “gypsy” who is chic, confident and adventurous.

For women, this translates into softer washes that lend a lived-in (or rather, vintage) feel to it all. You have standout prints like Aztec or paisley decorating a pair of skinnies, as well as overalls making an appearance.

Find aspects of style, travel, rock 'n' roll as well as a love of the open road in the latest offerings from True Religion.
Find aspects of style, travel, rock ‘n’ roll as well as a love of the open road in the latest offerings from True Religion.

The True Religion man can look to strong, military-inspired pieces instead. You have utility pants that come with the brand’s army stamp. New selvedges are offered in masculine shades of light blue and cream, too.

Evisu’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, however, merges contemporary denim wear and creative signature prints with the classic dandy look. It possesses a one-of-a-kind spirit that highlights a refined street-smart style that the Japanese brand is renowned for.

The Heritage and Genes range has new designs such as gradient-printed trousers and cropped pants. Together with some sports-centric pieces and other slim cuts, they display the exact versatility that a “denim dandy” should have.

Private Stock pays homage to the traditional art of kimono embroidery (komakake). In this range, Evisu’s iconic seagull motif has been built up with metallic threads. The “long and short stitch” technique used gives it an added depth of dimension.

When it comes to balancing elements of both delicate and fierce for feminine designs, rivets and studs are added on. A softer side is then showcased through floral prints, where a slim-fit frames the silhouette of the female form perfectly.

The Coolmax is available in fresh washes which are in vogue at the moment.
The Coolmax is available in fresh in these patches. washes which are in vogue at the moment.

With Levi’s, it is all about utility. The new Coolmax range features specially woven fibres that create a cooling effect – effectively helping the body maintain its temperature for comfort amidst sweltering heat.

The brand thus cites this as the best opportunity for everyone, everywhere to be wearing denim, regardless of the temperature. Think that sporting a pair of jeans will be too hot and heavy for some seasons? Not anymore.

More than that though, what Levi’s is rolling out looks as great as it feels. This Spring 2014 collection from the brand is smartly rendered in classic, sophisticated styles like the 511 Slim, but in fresh washes that are perfectly on trend for the season.

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