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Crossing boundaries with leggings

Leggings – a simple fashion item that can cross all age, shapes, and sizes. Wear it right, leggings can make one look fabulous. But commit the ‘leggings faux pas’, it can make you look quite frightening. 

Before we talk about how to wear leggings, here are a few Don’ts first: 

1) Leggings don’t look professional. Period.  

If you want to look business like, a pair of well-cut pants will be a much better option. Save leggings for a more casual and relaxed environment. 

2) If your thigh looks plump, forget leggings. 

Even more so when there are vertical lines on your leggings. The lines will stretch in accordance to the size of your thighs. 

3) Leggings are not pants. 

You cannot wear leggings with short blouses that show your buttocks and hips. Unless you are a stick thin model, it doesn’t look flattering no matter which angle you look at. 

To look good in leggings, you can try out these few options: 

1) With a Tunic / Boyfriend shirt: 

a. Feeling lazy? Choose leggings instead of baggy pants. It slims you instantly. 

b. Think of big over small silhouette. Your shirt should be roomy. Definitely not skin tight. 

2) With a Dress: 

a. The rule is your dress should fall at or above your knee. Anything longer makes you look dowdy. 

3) With a Mini Skirt: 

a. Shy to expose so much skin? Then leggings are your best option! Choose colours that coordinate with your top. And remember, dark colours will always make you look slimmer. 

So go ahead! Experiment with different types of leggings! Be confident and you will be able to pull off any look! 


Article by Wendy Lee & Wendy Liew, Professional Image Consultants.

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