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Make-up starts with a flawless canvas

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics expert gives his five tips to get there.

Any artist would attest that a flawless canvas is key to producing beautiful artwork and Bobbi Brown Asia Pacific’s assistant manager of education Felix Nguyen believes no different.

The international make-up artist was in Malaysia in support of the recent Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week Ready To Wear 2014. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics was in charge of the featured looks and he was more than willing to talk about work, make-up and his venture into the cosmetics world.

“It’s all about making women feel good. Society puts a lot of pressure on women to look and feel a certain way, but I feel that women should just appreciate what they have. Life is short, just enjoy it,” said Nguyen.

He believes that once women look good on the inside, looking after what they already have, with a little bit of make-up, they can feel more confident and take on the world. “Make-up is a nice added bonus to make you feel extra pretty,” he said.

Bobbi Brown Asia Pacificâ¿¿s Assistant Manager of Education Felix Nguyen believes that a beautifully made up face starts with a flawless canvas.
Bobbi Brown Asia Pacific's assistant manager of education Felix Nguyen believes that a beautifully made up face starts with a flawless canvas.

Here are five tips from Nguyen.

Start fresh: “Everyone looks brighter and fresher with a little bit of concealer. Take away what makes you look and feel tired. You will feel fresher.”

Foundation is key: “Foundation colour is not something that women put enough time into, and I understand that it is quite daunting going into a make-up store.” However, Nguyen believes that every woman should take the first step in looking for a foundation colour that suits her best.

Keep ‘em handy: “A compact powder to touch up is really essential. The weather is really humid, so your make-up will move a little bit. You just want to touch up and feel good.”

Pick what suits you best: Nguyen advises women to choose a make-up regimen that suits them and their lifestyle. “Never feel like you have to do a certain regimen because at the end of the day, you’re not going to do it.”

Skincare is crucial: “The better your canvas looks first, the better your foundation and make-up will look no matter what.”

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