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Luxury Singaporean spa chain Erabelle: Five-star indulgence

Luxury Singaporean spa chain Erabelle opens its first outlet in Malaysia.

It feels as if you’ve just stepped into a luxury boutique hotel, complete with unique-themed facial suites, personalised linens and bathrobes. It is these small unique touches that add to the luxurious experience at Erabelle Prestige.

The 158sqm spa, the first in Malaysia following four other outlets in Singapore, opened recently at the Gardens Mall in Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

Inspired by Japanese culture and hospitality, the spa aims to please, ensuring customers receive the best quality treatment, and this includes simple yet thoughtful gestures to make the experience hassle-free.

For example, the VIP package goes the extra mile by providing personalised bed linens, towels and anything else that may come in contact with your skin. If you’re not comfortable about sharing bath robes with other customers, worry not as your items (with your name embroidered on them, no less) will be washed and stored separately from everyone else’s.

Clients also have the option of three different types of pillows to ensure that you are comfortable during treatments, and prior to each session, tea is served along with a refreshing foot bath.

Founder and managing director Esther Kerk showed members of the media around the spa during its opening week, explaining the treatments and services as she went along. Clean and decorated beautifully, the spa has five facial suites, eyebrow service corners, an atelier, a café for tea prior to sessions, as well as a foot bath section.

“At Erabelle, we understand an Asian woman’s busy schedule and the necessity to look her best at all times. Our holistic facial products and services are meant to give them immediate results in the shortest time possible. As such, from our décor to our service, we promise an experience that is detailed, soothing, luxurious and, most of all, effective,” said Kerk who has over 30 years of experience in the skincare industry and is considered a pioneer in the cosmeceutical arena in Singapore.

“We give attention to detail as we adhere to the ‘Kaizen Spirit for Excellence’ practice, and we promise an experience like no other, from the moment a customer steps into our door until they leave.”

In keeping with the standard of “Japanese quality service culture”, the staff are kimono-clad to represent the classic and timeless beauty that the spa wishes for their customers, and are always at hand to assist clients.

The spa offers a number of services, including signature treatments such as the Japanese Sake Facial (used by geishas, said to brighten and smoothen the skin), the Genmai–Bijin Polisher treatment (which scrubs away dead cells and discharges toxins) and Erabrowlogy (brow service using a specialised Softstroke technique and a European micropen).

“We use your face shape as a guide to determine what kind of eyebrow shape is most suitable for you,” explained Kerk. “We want people to notice the subtle change in our customers’ face shape, looking slimmer and sharper. “Another key feature of our Erabrowlogy service is safety and cleanliness, which are our priorities. We use disposable needles and are very careful to maintain an excellent standard of hygiene,” she added.

These measures include enhanced numbing to make the procedure more comfortable, a soft-stroke technique that’s gentle on the skin, certified safe colours and an anti-backflow mechanism. For future treatments, every single step of the service is noted down, such as the speed the needle is operated with and the colouring – everything is noted in a customer’s file to avoid confusion when they return for subsequent sessions.

“Our artist will recommend a suitable thickness and shape for the customer, and it’s up to them how long they want it to last. It can last two to three years, or one and half years. Some customers even opt for four to five months, depending on the look they want,” said Kerk.

The Genmai–Bijin treatment, which involves the use of rice bran as its core ingredient, promotes the regeneration of healthy skin while the antioxidants in rice neutralises free-radicals to moderate signs of ageing. This is done with gentle massaging movements that help enhance blood circulation.

As for the Japanese Sake facial, its effectiveness is evidenced by the many beautiful and smooth-skinned geishas that incorporate it into their beauty regimen. Sake exfoliates and brightens the face, smoothens rough hands, detoxifies the body and regenerates the skin. The 90-minute treatment includes soothing massages, deep cleansing, hot or cold compresses and a clay mask. There’s an option for an additional neck treatment which is an extra 30 minutes.

So, the next time you’re in the heart of town, step into a soft fluffy bathrobe at Erabelle where you can be pampered to perfection!

> This article was originally published in Life Inspired, out every second and fourth Sunday of the month and distributed with the Sunday Star to selected households.

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