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Tackling adult acne, thin and fine hair, dry and flaky skin

Adult acne, thin and fine hair, dry and flaky skin: Problems solved and free gifts on the way.

I’m 48-years-old and still prone to the occasional breakout, especially along the jawline. These pimples leave dark scars on my skin and take months to clear up. What can I do to make the scars heal faster? I also have open pores and whiteheads, especially around my chin. I’m taking vitamin C and collagen, which seem to help with the open pores, but I’m also looking for a product which can give good coverage and looks natural as I’m very conscious of the scars. Also, my hair is thin and fine. I’m so envious of those with a wonderful head of hair, with lots of volume and bounce. I don’t use a conditioner as it tends to make my hair go limp. I’ve tried various shampoos but to no avail. Grace

According to Yves Rocher training manager Cyndi Ng, adult acne can strike at any time. It’s not unusual to experience acne even in your 40s and 50s, even if you never used to have acne in the past. A common cause is hormonal imbalance that stimulates the sebaceous glands, causing an increase in sebum production. Adult acne is more challenging to treat, especially when certain parts of the skin experience dehydration and ageing while other parts experience excessive sebum production. The key is maintaining a healthy balance of natural sebum and moisture in the skin.

When typical acne treatment is used, the more mature skin may become sensitised due to excessive sebum and moisture stripping. In the long run, the natural barrier of the skin is compromised, leading to scarring. That’s because these treatments are meant for teenage skin. More mature skin will not be able to heal as fast as collagen production is slower. You will need a mix of acne treatment and hydration skincare products. Don’t use harsh cleansers or toners as these will irritate your skin. Exfoliate with a product that has salicylic acid or fine particles to eliminate dead skin cells, and reduce acne scars and imperfections.

Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Cleansing Milk helps remove all traces of make-up and impurities. Then, double cleanse with Hydra Vegetal Refreshing Cleansing Gel to remove excess sebum, whiteheads and blackheads. The result is a deeply cleansed and well-hydrated skin that’s soft, smooth and radiant. The Hydra Vegetal Hydrating Toner will help balance your skin’s pH, while applying the 24Hr Intensive Hydrating Gel Cream after that will intensely moisturise skin.

Exfoliate twice a week with Sebo Vegetal Purifying Scrub to get rid of dead skin cell and unclog pores. Add a purifying mask to your skincare regimen – Sebo Vegetal Purifying Mask – for better results. Finally, use a targeted acne spot corrector – Pure System SOS 6Hrs Blemish Corrector – to conceal, treat and dry up pimples. Don’t touch, squeeze or pick on your pimples as this will spread the bacteria. If you’re looking for a light foundation, try Yves Rocher Pure Light Foundation which has a second skin effect.

For your hair, Yves Rocher Volumizing Shampoo enriched with Organic Mallow may boost your hair volume. If you can easily comb out your hair after washing without a conditioner, you can skip one.

Yves Rocher will be giving Grace a Hydra Vegetal Milk Cleanser, Gel Cleanser, 24H Hydrating Gel Cream, Sebo Vegetal Purifying Scrub and Sebo Vegetal Purifying Mask, altogether worth RM255.

I’ve dry and flaky skin. I’m 34 and feel very conscious when I go out with my peers. I've tried lots of products in the market that claim to reveal visibly radiant and smooth skin, but none seem to work. I hope there’s a product that can help my skin stay hydrated longer and retain moisture. — Gaik Koon

Phoebe Khoo, training manager of Sothys Malaysia, says that many women in their 30s have dry skin and dehydration, especially those who work in air-conditioned environments, have limited daily water intake, and too much caffeine drinks. All these tend to cause the skin to become dry and dehydrated, and may even become sensitised. For your current condition, your main course of action is to strengthen your skin barrier and repair your skin natural hydrating function. Without a healthy skin barrier function, no matter how many products you apply, it will not work on your skin.

The skin barrier function can be built up by hydrating it and increasing natural lipid to protect the skin. Use Sothys Hydradvance Intensive Hydrating Serum in the morning, followed by Essential Lipid Elixir and then, Hydradvance Comfort Cream. The serum has Boletus extract that has the ability to stimulate genes to restore the skin’s ability to rehydrate itself, hence maximising and increasing visible suppleness. Your skin will experience long-lasting intense hydration as the serum has a repairing effect on the skin.

At night, use the serum and elixir as well to improve your skin condition, and then add on the Nutritive Comfort Cream to provide much needed skin nutrients to build your skin health. Sothys recommends that you get a skinSCOPE for a more targeted sulution to better understand how to take care of your skin.

Sothys will be giving Gaik Koon a bottle of Hydradvance Intensive Hydrating Serum worth RM414.

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