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Teasing the olfactory

For all: The new Diptyque skincare range introduces five products suitable for all skin types.

For all: The new Diptyque skincare range introduces five products suitable for all skin types.

A scented candle isn’t all that different from skincare as both strive to titillate the senses.

LIGHTING up a scented candle is a guilty pleasure. It fills the room with an aroma that evokes the memory of a special occasion or journey.

Crafted from the finest raw materials and natural oils, Diptyque knows all about scents and how it plays on our senses. Now it applies its expertise to textures, marrying its adept knowledge of delicate fragrances with skincare.

It isn’t all that shocking, really, when you consider how fragrance plays an integral role in the world of skincare. Although a small segment of sensitive consumers prefer fragrance-free products, most women (and even men) love how they tease our noses and leave a slight lingering smell. And quite often, a winning scent may mean half the battle won.

While one may balk at the idea (after all, what does a luxury candle maker know about facial creams and lotions, right?), the French brand plays it safe by sticking close to the basics, introducing five new products that revolve around the cleansing ritual, suitable for all skin types.

Presented in chic packaging done in northern France, the skincare range moves one notch up from Diptyque’s successful L’Art du Soin body collection to offer a combination of several active ingredients in the skincare products, with Damask rose hydrosol as the key element in the moisturisers.

There are no pretenses as Diptyque doesn’t claim to solve skin problems or produce magical results. Much like its scented candles, all that the facial range serves is to envelop your skin in a lovely, therapeutic aroma, while doing the job it’s supposed to do.

The brand worked closely with cosmetics formulation experts Frederic Burtin and Patricia Lebastard, who took two years to come up with the following:

> Infused Facial Water: “Filled with vitamins, minerals and moisturising agents”, it is touted to be the ideal substitute for water in each of the products in the range. Made from a hydrolate of Damask rose – from which it takes its scent – and an infusion of nasturtiume, which brings out the radiance in one’s complexion. A blend of nine traditional plants and flowers, it is fresh and absorbent, cleanses gently, while moisturising, toning and restoring the skin to its natural radiance. To be applied before your usual moisturiser or serum.

> Radiance Boosting Powder: Its fragrance blends the invigorating freshness of verbena with the smoothness of neroli. Upon contact with water, it is transformed into a delicate foam, which gently cleanses and gives a radiant shine. White clay restores minerals to the skin as it cleanses, and the powder is infused with rose petal, jasmine and sweet orange blossom powders, which have softening and soothing properties. It’s also supposed to revive dull, fatigued complexions, thanks to a cocktail of vitamins and trace minerals.

> Nourishing Cleansing Balm: A white balm with the appearance of wax and scented with geranium and roses. It changes into a fine oil upon contact and friction, and emulsifies when it touches water. It cleanses the skin, leaving it soft and purified. Sweet almond oil, known for its nourishing, soothing and regenerative properties, is mixed with three essential waxes: refreshing ylang-ylang, softening mimosa and astringent geranium. This can also be used as a mask.

> Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay: Enriched with marble powder, a key ingredient in exfoliation due to its very fine kaolin particles which has a very gentle action. This is touted to restore minerals, cleanse and purify, along with its content of softening rice and oat powders. The cream has a particularly smooth texture and can be easily applied using a make-up brush. It’s especially useful as an exfoliant mask and a few added drops of Infused Facial Water will double its invigorating action.

> Protective Moisturising Lotion: Can be used on its own, before another cream or even on top of a foundation to increase its protection. Its intense moisturising action has SPF 15 for sun protection. It is velvety light and keeps the skin hydrated for many hours. A combination of refreshing Damask rose hydrolate infused with extracts of white lily and calendula, which moisturise, calm and soften, while grape extract brightens the complexion and acts on pigmentation. It blends the scent of orange blossom with the tangy freshness of Petitgrain Paraguay.

> Prices range from RM209 to RM259. Sold exclusively at Diptyque standalone store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

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