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Marine Elements: Enzyme answer to eczema

IF you suffer from eczema, dermatitis or very dry skin, chances are, you’ve tried most moisturisers in the market alongside steroids and antihistamines to combat itchiness.

Since there is currently no cure for eczema, here’s a product that may just help alleviate the dryness and itchiness.

Marine Elements is a dermatologically-tested line of skincare products with active ingredients derived from clean marine sources from Europe.

Its local distributor, LiveLife Sdn Bhd, is introducing Marine Elements through its body wash, body lotion and intensive cream, and plans to bring in the hand cream and lip balm later.

The star ingredient is Zonase X, a patented active ingredient that contains natural proteins and enzymes derived from the hatching fluid of salmon eggs sourced from the pure waters of Norway.

“Zonase X was discovered at a fish hatchery in Norway, where the hatchery workers were observed to have soft smooth hands, despite immersing their hands in freezing waters for long periods of time,” said Josie Foster, British-based formulator and chartered chemist, at the product launch recently.

According to Foster, research revealed that it was the enzyme in the water, secreted by fish larvae inside the egg just prior to hatching, that was working to keep hands soft and smooth.

“The enzyme is used to break down the egg’s shell so larvae can hatch from the egg,” she explained.

This active ingredient was extensively researched and developed in cooperation with Norwegian Universities. They stress that the fish hatchlings remain unharmed in the process of extracting the enzyme.

Foster added that the researchers found the enzyme extremely stable in water and oil so it is ideal as a cosmetic ingredient.

In the clinical trials, the skin of the participants who had applied Zonase X showed exfoliation of dead skin cells and moisture being delivered to the epidermis, while for the control group whereby only water was applied, there was no exfoliation at all. Zonase X has been scientifically proven to help improve skin conditions, including regenerating fresh skin cells and strengthening the skin’s natural barriers, therefore reducing the recurrence of eczema and dry skin conditions.

“What the enzyme does is break down the scaffolding between dead skin cells, allowing a very gentle exfoliation of the skin, while leaving live healthy skin cells intact. There is no exfoliant in the market which we know of that is capable of doing this,” she pointed out.

Marine Elements is non-steroidal and paraben-free, and the fragrance is specially formulated for sensitive skin, so there are no allergens.

“Marine Elements is suitable for everyday use and can be used by adults, children and infants. It offers long lasting moisturisation upon immediate application and is effective even after 24 hours,” said Foster.

On whether the range will help with a skin problem like psoriasis, Foster clarified: “It will exfoliate dead skin cells and help in the appearance of the skin, but we can’t say it is a cure or treatment. This is a cosmetic, not a pharmaceutical product.” – Sandra Low

Prices range from RM65 to RM78.50. Available from Monday at selected pharmacies and

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