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Beauty Q: Treating rough hair

It’s possible to obtain strong, manageable hair when it is nourished with the right products such as the Kerastase Nutritive Irisome range.

It’s possible to obtain strong, manageable hair when it is nourished with the right products such as the Kerastase Nutritive Irisome range.

I HAVE dry and rough hair with split ends. Sometimes I have to be exposed under the hot sun for a few hours for outdoor activities. I suspect this is partly the reason why my hair breaks and falls easily. But I do apply hair serum every day. I’ve tried various hair treatments but nothing seems to help. Can you suggest which hair products to use? – Yi Fei

Anderson Cheah, Kerastase educator, says that your rough, dry hair and split ends may be due to your scalp condition. If your hair is naturally dry, it’s because the sebaceous glands aren’t producing enough sebum, which means that your scalp and hair are not protected and supple.

The cuticle cells (scales) are linked to each other by an intercellular cement rich in lipids and proteins. The cuticle is subjected to all sorts of aggressions, and how the hair feels and looks like depends on the condition of the cuticle. When the cuticle becomes worn out, hair will lack shine, feel rough and tangle easily. Without adequate sebum, undernourished hair becomes dehydrated, rough, dry and dull.

The ends of the hair are constantly being manipulated by an array of styling tools such as combs and brushes, hot irons, rollers and hair pins. The constant opening and closing of the cuticle layer at the ends of the hair may damage them to the point where it remains permanently opened.

Do go for an in-salon hair treatment. Then you can try the Fusio dose “oleo fusion” which gives your hair instant nutrients to cure your dry, dull and rough hair. Adding a ceramide booster will help fill the empty fissures of your hair and restore hair fibre resistance. Follow up with a hair masque that has long-lasting effects to help you maintain your hair.

At home, shampoo with Kerastase Nutritive Irisome Shampoo, an exceptional nutritive shampoo for dry and sensitised hair. It has Irisome Complex which acts on both the exterior and interior of the hair fibres, and prepares it so that they are able to absorb essential nutrients optimally. The complex contains polyphenols which take action against free radicals and help regulate the fibre’s self-defence system. When hair is well-protected, it regains its original structure. The shampoo also has a high level of conditioning agents which can strengthen and nourish your hair.

After shampooing, apply the Lait Vital Irisome (a conditioner) throughout your hair and wait for five minutes before rinsing it out. This serves to nourish and soften your hair further.

You can also improve the texture of your hair with Initialiste, which contains a Regenerator Complex that works to protect your hair stem cells, optimising the production of quality fibres. As a result, hair grows stronger, looks more luminous and beautiful.

Kerastase will be giving Yi Fei a bottle of Kerastase Nutritive Irisome Shampoo and Kerastase Lait Vital Irisome, altogether worth RM168.

I’M 52 and I feel embarrassed each time I take a photo with my mum. My sister would criticise my looks as she says I appear even older than my mum. The wrinkles at my eye area are severe, and my laugh lines are very deep and noticeable. I’ve used many types of creams and essences, but they don’t seem to help much. I’m quite frustrated and I don’t like looking at myself in the mirror. What can I do to reduce the wrinkles and lines? – Elisa

According to Guerlain trainer Adrian Sin, skin tissue tends to become more fragile with ageing. In some areas, the skin creases over 10,000 times a day, which explains why wrinkles and loss of firmness appear more quickly in the forehead, around the eye area and side of the mouth.

As it ages, the skin can no longer repair itself as effectively and the dermal tissue loses its structure to some extent. The tissue then loses bounce, is less firm and wrinkles settle in.

The Guerlain Abeille Royale range has an exceptional repairing power derived from the healing power of bee products. Royal jelly and honey have healing powers, and are high in minerals and vitamin B. It stimulates the key mechanisms of healing to restore micro-tears. Thyme honey and honey from the Ouessant black bee help reduce free radicals and target the three stages of tissue reconstruction: migration of cells to damaged areas, tissue restoration and remodelling of reconstructed tissue. The high sugar content provides cellular life to fibroblasts, which ensure the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

Apply Abeille Royale Preparing Toner before any serum or cream to optimise benefits. This provides an immediate lifting effect and radiance. Follow up with Abeille Royale Up Lifting Eye Care, which blends into the skin, protecting it with a super-thin contouring film that instantly smoothens the eye contour. It targets all signs of ageing as well as help the eye area look more rested, brighter and visibly younger.

During the day, apply Abeille Royale Firming Lift, Wrinkle Correction Youth Serum followed by the nourishing Abeille Royale Intense Restoring Lift Nourishing Day Crèam for an intense lift action. This product is especially appropriate for skin that’s suffering from a lack of tone and vitality, as it redensifies, remodels and comforts sagging, undernourished skin.

At night, apply Abeille Royale Intense Restoring Lift Nourishing Night Crèam. Lastly, ensure that you exfoliate regularly as excessive dead skin will lead to visibly deep lines overtime.

To reinforce the benefits of serum care, Guerlain has developed simple and precise application gestures to stimulate the tissues and smoothen features. It takes just four movements: Start from the jaw line, apply the serum with fingertips from the chin to the earlobes. Follow by gliding the pads of the fingers from nose to the temples to work on the cheek area. Next, smooth the pads of the fingers from the middle of the forehead to the sides of the face and apply circular movements, starting from the eyebrows to the nose, avoiding the eye contour.

Guerlain will be giving Elisa a Guerlain Abeille Royale Lotion worth RM205.


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