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Revealing inner light via a new beauty product

Bright spark: Lily Collins, the face of Lancome, is the perfect example of how the Blanc Expert Melanolyser III can work for you.

Bright spark: Lily Collins, the face of Lancome, is the perfect example of how the Blanc Expert Melanolyser III can work for you.

A French brand reinvents its iconic brightening products to come up with an even brighter tune.

IT may have been only 20 years since Lancome pioneers came up with its whitening and anti-dark spot products, but whitening has been in fashion for centuries. Of course, they didn’t call it “whitening” then, but the desired result was similar – a fairer complexion.

These days, in more politically-correct speak, it’s more about “brightening” and getting a more even skin tone. Based on that premise, it makes sense even for those with darker skin to put brightening products so that skin has a more uniformed appearance that’s not marred by pigmentation and age spots.

In 2013, Lancome introduced an innovative understanding of skin pigmentation, targeting natural melanin dissolution, the melanolysis. According to Lancome laboratories, both the export of melanin grains from melanocytes to keratinocytes and their degradation itself – the melanolysis – play a key role on skin pigmentation. This spurred them to develop the M.E.L. system and a formula to act on skin pigmentation disorders.

In the epidermis within the keratinocytes, melanosomes undergo a natural “dissolving” process called Melanolysis, thanks to the lysosomes, which break down melanosomes. Active ingredients can help boost the formation of lysosomes within the keratinocytes under stress conditions.

Melanosomes containing millions of melanin grains are exported from melanocyte dendrites to keratinocytes. This Export occurs via a process called phagocytosis. Melanocyte dendrite is pinched off by the keratinocyte that engulfs and entrapped melanosomes in the phagosomes.

To help prevent the future formation of pigment spots, it is essential to Liberate the skin from inflammatory messengers.

This year, the iconic Blanc Expert Mela-nolyser has been reworked to offer a five-in-one action on dark spots. The new anti-dark spot product is claimed to reduce number and size of dark patches, correct colour, contrast and intensity, and has long lasting effects.

Reflecting the new, upgraded formula and the efficacy of Blanc Expert Melanolyser III, the iconic spot eraser has been redesigned to come in a modern, matt silver tube with a silver band.

Lancome first launched its Teint Miracle foundation containing the Aura-Inside technology, said to recreate the natural beauty of skin’s inner light. Then in 2011, Blanc Miracle fluid and compact brightening foundations were introduced with the promise of Aura-Bright radiance and all-day wear.

The Blanc Miracle has been updated this year with a reformulated fluid foundation offering even more powerful protection.

True to the foundation’s protection factor, while retaining its weightless texture, the new Blanc Miracle Bright-Light Creator now comes with SPF50+ PA++, offering multi-functional make-up and skincare benefits.

It offers a blend of broad-spectrum chemical and mineral sunscreens to block out UV to help prevent the appearance of dark spots and the ageing effects of these rays, while advanced Pollusafe technology helps to protect from environmental pollutants. Specific chroma technology and a combination of fine pearls with a soft-focus effect promotes a rosy glow, resulting in a natural-looking, translucent and brighter skin.

Natural ingredients, notably rose extract, ensure both fluid and compact formulations are exceptionally kind to the skin. White sapphire powder adds to a soft-focus effect.

Thanks to the innovative Ultra-Fit technology, the foundation achieves a balance of coverage and weightlessness for a smooth finish. There are 12 shades to choose from to blend seamlessly with Asian skin tones.

The Lancome dream team is completed with UV Expert which offers a new yardstick in UV protection. Long UVA rays, also known as XL UVA, penetrate more deeply than short UVA and UVB rays, and are more harmful to the skin. The effects can be seen in the change of skin colour, function and structure in the long term.

In its search for an ever more effective sun and pollution protection solution, Lancome has come up with UV Expert XL-Shield which has an anti-greyness technology and anti-dullness action to protect skin tone.

Said to offer a powerful shield against long UVA rays and a new combination of UV filters for 12 hours of UVB solar protection, the skin is better protected and defends itself better.

To enhance the radiance of Asian skin, XL-Shield also combines a pollu-safe complex known for its anti-pollution properties and other actives with anti-ageing benefits to prevent against external aggressions and internal damage.

The light texture glides on comfortably and helps towards a more uniform and less dull complexion. Lily Collins has been chosen as the ambassador for Blanc Miracle; she’s said to reflect Lancome’s vision of graceful femininity.

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