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Skin light, skin bright

Clarins White comes in day and night creams.

Clarins White comes in day and night creams.

A French skincare brand offers technology that not only promotes brighter skin but better hydration as well.

THE quest for a more translucent and fairer complexion has led to a host of new products and boosted the whitening industry by leaps and bounds.

The word “whitening” has gotten quite a bit of bad press, especially as some countries seem to equate fairer skin with status and other societal markers.

Clarins Smoothing Brightening Night Cream.

While detractors slam the idea that fairer skin is more beautiful, skincare brands insist that it’s not about skin-deep beauty or making your skin look whiter. It’s about achieving a smooth and even skin tone, reducing pigmentation and flaws, and essentially looking more radiant and youthful.

Thus, in this fervent pursuit of eternal youth, surely women can’t be faulted for being vain.

French skincare brand Clarins is always relentlessly searching for the best formulae to cater to women’s needs, and has unveiled a fair and luminescent discovery. Its product, White Plus Total Luminescent, based on its breakthrough discovery that the skin is made up of millions of “micro-mirrors” that reflect light, is said to help revive the skin’s micro-mirrors, and promote skin translucency and luminesence.

Today, Clarins has taken its brightening innovation to another level by introducing a new hydrating brightening day and night duo: the Brightening Hydrating Emulsion and Smoothing Brightening Night Cream.

Clarins Brightening Hydrating Emulsion.

Hydration, it seems, is crucial to translucent, fair and luminescent skin because without adequate moisturisation, skin will look dull and lifeless. It doesn’t help that our skin is subjected to UV rays, pollution and air-conditioning in the day. And at night, our skin barrier is affected as its permeability increases, and this results in water evaporation from our skin.

The new brightening products offer a breakthrough in technology as they are claimed to not only promote translucent and luminous skin, but also hydrate, moisturise and leave skin dewy fresh over a 24-hour period.

The day and night duo is enriched with a hyaluronic acid of low molecular weight, to improve brightening efficacy while promoting dewy skin. It is touted to fight against dullness, loss of radiance and dehydration from the deepest skin layers.

Sandspurry extract helps to regulate melanin production to minimise darkspots while ginko biloba extract protects blood microcirculation and revives skin so that it has a healthy-looking rosy glow.

The day cream is an oil-free milky emulsion that is claimed to protect skin from aggression, preserve fairness and evenness. It has UV filters (SPF20 PA +++) to protect against environmental aggressions and helps your skin stay matte all day as the fine texture encourages long-lasting make-up.

In Clarins White Plus, one of the ingredients is sandspurry.
In Clarins White Plus, one of the ingredients is sandspurry. 

The night cream is rich in texture and promotes acceleration of the skin’s regeneration to remove dead cells. In addition, skin is bathed in intense moisture to counteract night-time excessive water loss.

To complement the creams, the Intensive Brightening Serum can be applied before the day or night creams to further help boost brightening efficacy.

Price: RM230 (day cream) and RM250 (night cream). Sold at all Clarins outlets.

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