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Looking beyond zombies

Lucky for us, a Japanese make-up guru decided to make women beautiful instead.

WHEN he was a teenager, Ryudo Sakamoto was fascinated by zombies in movies. Whilst some of us feel repulsed by the walking dead, he was captivated by how make-up brought these zombies to life.

“I was impressed by Hollywood’s make-up techniques and wanted to learn those skills,” said Sakamoto, who has been in the make-up industry for 18 years.

Rather than just daydream about it, he was determined to make his dream come true.

At 18, he took up a make-up and skincare course full-time for a year. He also learnt hairdressing part-time while working for three years.

It was at make-up school that Sakamoto had a change of heart.

“I decided I wanted to learn beautiful make-up instead,” he said in an interview through an interpreter.

He was in Kuala Lumpur recently to promote Kanebo’s Lunasol Summer Makeup Collection.

Since graduating from Make Up Artist School and YamanoAiko Beauticians’ School in Tokyo, Sakamoto, 36, is sought after for movies, TV dramas and magazines shoots, TokyoFashion Week, and event make-up.

He also conducts training and promotional activities. Some of the Japanese celebrities he has worked on include AKB48 (teen pop act) and Scandal (pop rock girl band).

As Kanebo’s appointed Lunasol make-up artist and trainer, he specialises in “well-balanced make-up and charming eye make-up”.

“Make-up helps give the same beautiful transformation regardless whether you’re a natural beauty or a Plain Jane. When a woman walks in, I’m more concerned about how Kanebo can be used to enhance her look,” said Sakamoto.

“Most of us select our clothes first, and then decide on the make-up,” he said.

“For a bright outfit, the make-up should be kept simple and natural (such as brown shades).”

He advised that one should also strike a balance.

“If you wear blue eyeshadow, your eyes would look quite striking.” The look, however, he said, can be toned down if your pants are also blue.

Ryodo Sakamoto showing off the new summer collection

To Sakamoto, the concept of beauty shouldn’t focus on the face.

“Beauty is not just about the eyes but the overall appearance. It’s a combination of dressing, lip colour and even cheek colour as well. To look good, aim for the total image,” Sakamoto said.

A woman who wants a natural look can wear plain outfits, matched with simple make-up and muted eyeshadows.

Or, opt for a more natural look for the eyes but add a pop of colour to the other parts of the face (lips and cheeks).

Sometimes, it’s not just about the eyes; the lips can enhance one’s look too, he said.

“If your clothes are plain but your lip colour is a striking pink, that creates a natural look brought out with vivid lip colour.”

Lunasol Vivid Clear Eyes has two limited editions. The EX01 Bronze Brown Collection (sparkling bronze and dazzling gold), inspired by the sandy beaches of Nice-Côte d’Azur in France, is for mature, gorgeous-looking eyes.

The EX02 Colorful Collection (blue, green and pink colours) is inspired by the ocean, reflecting the light spectrum of sunlight. This palette makes for a more vibrant look with its uplifting clear colours.

He added: “The strength of the summer colours lies in the good co-ordination when selecting eye colours from the four-colour palette.

“A woman usually doesn’t dress in an all-green outfit as her dress may have splashes of blue. Likewise, with the make-up palette, you can select suitable colours to match your outfit,” he said.

For summer, Kanebo has Lunasol Full Glamour Gloss which offers five colours (including two limited edition colours).

“Summer is associated with hot (weather), being sporty and sweaty. Hence, the lip gloss is to create lustrous lips with a moist texture,” he said, adding that limited editions help to create added value to the product range.

Other products in the collection include Lunasol Modeling Cheeks (Coral Beige), Lunasol Nail Finish N (Shining Orange and Shining Silver) and Lunasol Control Base.

  • Available at Kanebo counters.

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