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Keeping up with actress Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth

Superman’s girlfriend talks about her skincare regimen, being a stepmum and what she wore on her wedding day.

As Kate Bosworth enters the room, the glow that emanates from her mien is undeniable.

Though she is nearly an hour late, all is forgiven as she cosies up to the Malaysian press, charming all and sundry with her smile.

The American actress and model, and SK-II’s international ambassador, was in Singapore last month. Dressed in a short, sleeveless beige dress, Bosworth wore minimal make-up; in fact, the only pop of colour was provided by her bright orange lips.

“I am pretty low-maintenance. I don’t like wearing a lot of make-up,” she said.

The Superman Returns beauty, who turned 31 in January, is embracing her 30s with zeal. “I feel I know myself – and my skin – better.”

For the uninitiated, Bosworth shot to fame in 2002’s Blue Crush. For the surfing flick, Bosworth reportedly worked out with two separate trainers seven hours a day for months, in order to add 7kg of muscle to her frame.

Today, besides making sure she gets sufficient sleep, exercise and supplements (“I take primrose oil”), Bosworth relies on SK-II – naturally – to ensure her complexion stays flawless.

“What I really love about the brand is that you can tailor a programme to suit your skin. I always cleanse with the SK-II Cleanser. I use the Facial Treatment Essence in the morning and night after cleansing, and on a daily basis, I use the Cellumination,” explained Bosworth.

She is also full of praise for the brand’s latest service, Skin DNA Analysis, combined with SK-II Skin Surface Analysis. The skin counselling service (to be introduced in Malaysia at a later date) combines skin DNA and skin surface analysis to recommend a personal skincare regimen for women.

Asked to describe SK-II in three words, Bosworth replied: “Trust. Success. Crystal clear. There, I gave you four words.”

She added: “This brand is also different in that integrity is important to the people behind it. I have been an avid user of its products so I was honoured to be its ambassador.”

On her introduction to the Japanese skincare brand, Bosworth said: “I was doing the promotional tour for the movie 21 (in 2007). When you’re doing a press junket, your skin takes a beating, constantly having make-up on and off. My make-up artist passed me the the SK-II Facial Treatment Mask to try.”

Now Bosworth is a true advocate of the mask; she used it religiously in the days leading up to her wedding last year.

She tied the knot with American film director Michael Polish, 43, on Aug 31. The couple met when he directed her in the 2011 film Big Sur.

When I point out to Bosworth that their wedding date is Malaysia’s Independence Day, she jested: “It’s independence for you, but co-dependence for me.”

For her trip down the aisle, Bosworth wore two custom Oscar de la Renta dresses – an ivory strapless ball gown for the ceremony and an embroidered tulle dress at the reception.

As she feels a personal connection to the couturier, she was more than happy to grace his showcase during the Audi Fashion Festival (of which SK-II is the official skincare partner).

“I love Oscar,” cooed Bosworth. “His gowns for my wedding are a memory of my life I will cherish forever. He is a legend and master of his craft.”

Throughout our interview, Bosworth strives to channel a zen-like vibe. “I do get stressed, but I’ve discovered that it’s not healthy to hold things in.

“Although I set a high standard for myself, I always try to be positive and send out good energy into the world. I need to be a good role model to my stepdaughter (Polish’s 15-year-old daughter Jasper). Being a co-parent has given me a new perspective on life.”

Besides her own mother, Bosworth names actress Cate Blanchett as her beauty icon.

“She has such a beautiful confidence and serenity about her. We always need to take care of our skin and health, but feeling good about yourself comes from within. And she really has that mastered.”

Incidentally, Blanchett, 45, is also another SK-II ambassador. Not surprisingly, Bosworth credits Blanchett as one of the factors why she agreed to endorse the brand.

On the big screen, Bosworth will next be seen in Still Alice, co-starring with yet another of her icons, Julianne Moore.

The movie, which also features Alec Bald-win and Kristen Stewart, is about Dr Alice Howland (played by Moore) who learns that she is suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s disease. Bosworth plays one of her daughters.

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