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'Happy' fever: KL's Pharrell tribute goes viral with 20k views in 24hrs

KL-ites clapped and danced on the city’s streets recently for a local take on Pharrell Williams’ Happy video phenomenon - and now it's gone viral!

LowyatTV – the YouTube channel of, a local online community – struck a joyful nerve on Wednesday when it uploaded a KL version of the ongoing global video tribute to Pharell Williams’ Happy, in which random people dance to the song in front of the camera.

Taking their cue from the original Happy video, which was shot in Los Angeles, tribute versions have been popping up from various cities around the world – among them Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, Singapore, Dubai and others. And now, KL has its own version of Happy.

In less than 24 hours, LowyatTV’s video entitled Kuala Lumpur is Happy! has racked up more than 20,000 views, no doubt helped by the viral nature of social media, and cameo appearances by notable locals including actors Sharifah Amani and Iedil Putra Alauddin, DJ Stella Nutella and local band  Kyoto Protocol.

Because they're happy: Actress Sharifah Amani is one of the 100 KL-ites who paid tribute to the city in the Kuala Lumpur is Happy! video that has gone viral in the past 24 hours. 

The team who put the video together is made up of Amir Othman, Praveen Kumar and Sim Shoong Kun. The Star Online took the opportunity to ask Praveen a few questions about the video.

So whose idea was it to do the project?

A friend of mine, Maria Visanoiu, gave us the idea after seeing the Romanian version of it. I Googled it and saw a trend across a few countries that had done their own versions and thought it would be something fun

How long did it take you guys to put the video together?

Four days of shooting, across two weekends. And two days of editing.

Where in KL did you guys shoot the video?

Bukit Bintang, Pudu, Jalan Alor, Jalan Pasar, Jalan Ampang, Masjid Jamek and inside the Klang River. Also Bangsar, Taman Tun Dr Ismail, and PJ New Town but that isn't technically in KL.

Well, those neighbourhoods are part of the city’s landscape. How many people danced and clapped in the video?

We had about 100 participants. But I think only about 80 made it into the final video. Although we’re releasing an extended cut next week so everyone can get some face time.

How did the recruiting process go?

I started a Facebook event page and it basically took off from there. By the end of it we actually had to turn people away because we didn’t have enough slots.

Did they need much encouragement to dance on KL streets?

No, I just let them do their own thing. I told them to keep their own pace, and to basically have fun, because that is what would come out most clearly on camera; 90% responded enthusiastically.

The video was uploaded less than 24 hrs ago but already got more than 20k views. How do you guys feel about that?

I’m surprised, a little giddy, but very happy that it’s taken off like this. I guess in all the current difficulties of KL life, people wanted some uninhibited positivity. And we were glad to provide, in our small way.

Thanks Praveen for taking time out to answer our questions. Do you have anything to add?

Just a huge thanks to everyone who joined us and helped out.

Check out some other Happy video tributes from around the world, including the original Pharrell Williams version and the Romania-Bucharest version that inspired the LowyatTV team. 

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