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5 must-have items for the fitness nomad

Take your fitness programme anywhere – even up in a hot-air balloon – with these five new must-have items.

A new generation of portable, multi-purpose fitness equipment is on the rise, making it possible to carry the gym wherever you go. These  five ideas that provide a multitude of dynamic moves for a total body workout for all body types, sizes and fitness levels. 

Monkii Bars

Ultra-portable, these wooden handles provide suspension resistance training by means of their Spectra cords, which are tough enough to allow adrenaline junkies to work out suspended high off the ground, although more moves are possible with easy access to the ground. Enthusiasm for the sleek design sent Monkii Bars swinging past its original US$25,000 crowd-funding goal on Kickstarter, raising over US$110,000. Shipping is expected to start soon. Retails for US$98.


A star newcomer featured at the 2014 IDEA World Fitness Convention, SmartFlex is a modular unit that can be broken down into two bars to be used separately or as one, with the possibility for resistance training when the spring-loaded function is called into action. More resistance moves are possible using light weights that create up to 10kg of torque by means of the bar’s width. SmartFlex not only provides a total body workout, it has a wide range of applications since it also enables moves used in physical therapy and to improve posture. Prices range from US$99 (RM314) to US$149 depending on the package ordered and it only weighs 2.7kg at its heaviest configuration. 


After tripling its goal of raising US$50,000 on Kickstarter in March, the X-bar is ready and available to provide, like SmartFlex, exercises that increase flexibility, balance, endurance and stamina. With X-bar, the optional resistance training is achieved by means of the resistance bands, which come with the product in three levels. Swivel ends make for fluid resistance band movements. The package also includes ergonomic push-up docks, a door anchor, an accessories bag, a workout DVD and a 32-page exercise guide. Weighing in at just under 4.5kg, it’s available for US$149.99.


It may look and feel like a medicine ball, but because Metaball has handles, all the kettlebell movements are possible, too. The product separates, making it possible to add and remove weight, and the product comes with two 1kg bars. Once separated, the handles allow for barbells. A locking nut enables the attachment of fitness bands, and a world of new moves is possible if customers order the package in which they are included. Pre-order prices range from US$119.99 to US$225, depending on the package ordered. Shipping is expected for November.


Two circular units that contain retractable Dyneema cords, the Disq enables adjustable resistance training for total body workouts. Worn as a belt, the pulley system is extended to the ankles, where it attaches to straps for core and lower body movements, allowing for full range of motion and a wide variety of moves. Resistance-based running and traditional calisthenics like jumping jacks are possible for a one-shot, total body workout. A corresponding iOS app tracks workouts and calories burned, offering personalised workouts based on the user’s preferences and data. Retails for US$299. – AFP Relaxnews

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