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Ritz-Carlton takes 'the world's best chocolate cake'

A luxury hotel has baked a cake that perfectly captures its rich, decadent identity.

The Ritz-Carlton has long stood for a cherished brand of timeless, gracious service and luxurious amenities offered throughout its stable of properties across the globe. The group has unveiled what has been hailed as "The World’s Best Chocolate Cake", to add an even sweeter and more decadent touch to its brand.

Pastry chefs at Ritz-Carlton hotels worldwide were given a task earlier this year to create a cake to celebrate the hotel’s founding and which would represent the brand’s hallmarks of luxury, pleasure and prestige. There were requirements such as the inclusion of Grand Marnier as an ingredient, as Ritz hotels founder Cesar Ritz had played a part in naming the liqueur for the Marnier La Postelle family in the 1880s. 

Subsequently the family monarch Alexandre Marnier-La Postelle had supported Cesar with investment funds to build his very first Ritz hotel.

The cake must also be able to travel well in accompanying guests who’d like to bring home a taste of their stay. The cake that literally took the cake out of 20 finalists is a stunningly rich moist Valrhona chocolate sponge cake layered with bitter caramel and orange ganache made with Grand Marnier by Chef Yusuke Aoki from the Toronto team.

Each slice presents a decadent dark chocolate flavour punctuated by vibrant bursts of candied orange. It offers a memorable balance between sweet chocolate and sharp citrus flavours and is particularly enjoyable with a cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Corporate Chef Rainer Zinngrebe had conducted a blind taste testing among a jury. “I just wanted gut feeling and global relevance. We rated for flavour, but the key was, would you buy the cake? Would you buy it and take it to a friend’s house? That for me was the biggest decision maker,” he’d said.

The winning entry was selected for its “fine balance of the chocolate, the acidity, the sweetness, and the pieces of candied orange that give you a little texture that’s different. It has a very long flavour. It’s like wine, it doesn’t die on you quick—it stays with you.”

Aptly named "The Cake", each is displayed and sold in an elegant black rectangular box tied with a white satin bow affixed with the Ritz-Carlton’s lion logo pin, which makes it the perfect gift.

Award-winning expert mixologist Joshua Ivanovic has also created an exclusive cocktail in celebration of The Cake with a blend of sweet Grand Marnier with oaked Chardonnay and an orange base, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the rich chocolate cake.

> To order your very own cake, call Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur at 03-2141 8000 or visit

> This story was originally published in Life Inspired, out every second and fourth Sunday of the month and distributed exclusively with The Sunday Star to selected households.

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