Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Nominate the best roti canai in town

The Roti Canai at Devi's Corner tastes great with sambal.

The Roti Canai at Devi's Corner tastes great with sambal.

This month, The Star People’s Food Awards focus on roti canai. Nominations close tomorrow.

HAVE you nominated your favourite roti canai vendor/stall for the The Star People’s Food Awards?

If you have not done so, tomorrow is the last day to nominate your favourite roti canai eatery and stand a chance to win hotel stays and dining vouchers at five-star establishments.

Participating is easy. Just get out your smartphone cameras, snap away and send photos, along with details of your favourite roti canai food venues, via Metro Online Broadcast (MOB) at

The first 10 days of the month is the nomination period.

If you have nominated or recommended your favourite roti canai place, there are several choices on the board where you can click on the “endorse” button to vouch for other choices that you like.

You can make up to three recommendations or endorsements, or a combination of both, using your Facebook account for each award category.

The Top 10 is then decided by the public, via nomination and endorsement.

How do you vote for your favourite ones? Log in to the Awards page using your Facebook account. Click on “Open for Voting” and vote for any three stalls for a particular street food.

Each month, the Malaysian public can vote in their favourite category-based street food, such as roti canai (for July), nasi lemak, banana leaf rice, popiah and nasi kandar.

Each voter is allowed to cast up to three votes per category per Facebook login.

The three votes must be used to endorse three different stalls.

The online voting is live and scores are automatically tallied and instantly viewed.

Public online voting starts on the 15th to midnight of the last day of each month.

Those who nominate, vote or successfully share a link are automatically entered into a race to win the prizes.

The details for this exciting awards can be found in the FAQ and About sections on The Star People’s Food Awards’ website, hosted on MOB.

The year-long event will see a monthly award being given out to the best Malaysian street food in the Klang Valley.

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