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The Golden Goose is coming to a kitchen near you

Gadget scrambles eggs in their shells to produce an ‘exquisite’ taste when they’re cooked.

What if eggs could be scrambled inside their shell, and then hard boiled? Thanks to the laws of physics and the original thinking of designer Geraint Krumpe of Y Line Product Design, they now can be.

Krumpe invented a spinning gadget that breaks up the yolk by means of centrifugal force, the force that draws a rotating body away from the centre of its rotation.

Krumpe’s invention, called the Golden Goose, stirred up such excitement on Kickstarter that it earned nearly 500% of its funding goal.

From April 15 to May 15, 5,514 backers contributed a total of US$170,277, smashing the original goal of US$34,500.

An egg that has hard-boiled after being scrambled in the shell.

“We never intended to develop a Goose,” says Krumpe on his Kickstarter page. “In fact, when we first heard that it was possible to scramble an egg in its shell, we were so curious that we stayed up until 4am breaking every egg in sight.”

Eggs produced by the Golden Goose are a soft yellow hue after boiling, and according to Krumpe, the taste is better than traditional boiled eggs.

Krumpe says the eggs are of an “exquisite” taste, a believable statement if one is to contemplate the airless mixture of dry hard-boiled egg yolks and bland, slippery whites.

Although fundraising goals have been met, the Golden Goose is still available for pre-order for US$24.99 with delivery expected in November 2014.

There is now a webpage devoted to the Golden Goose, which is now being marketed under the name Kitchen Goose by Y Line Product Design.

The page presents a photo gallery of mouth-watering ideas including golden devilled eggs, fried golden eggs, and golden egg sandwiches.

The Golden 'Goose' is a low-tech, hand-powered kitchen gadget.

There is no doubt that the Kitchen Goose allows users to skip some of the messy steps involved in cooking traditional scrambled eggs.

“The Goose was developed with the home cook in mind, but can just as easily be used by anyone,” says Krumpe on his Kickstarter page. “In fact, some users have suggested it’s a good way to store scrambled eggs in a restaurant kitchen.”

Krumpe and his team have already developed variations on the product which include a version intended for quail eggs, capable of preparing three at a time due to their small size.

A larger version for goose eggs is in the works, according to the Kickstarter page.

Krumpe also developed a rapid infuser using the same technology.

The Kitchen Goose and all its variations are made of recycled materials and are lightweight and dishwasher safe. – AFP Relaxnews

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