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French chef Anne-Sophie Pic opens informal deli-style location

A peach-verbena floating island by Anne-Sophie Pic for DailyPic

A peach-verbena floating island by Anne-Sophie Pic for DailyPic

DailyPic will offer lunch and dinner fare, as well as beverages and pastries throughout the day.

The only female chef in France with three Michelin stars, Anne-Sophie Pic is known primarily for her high-end gourmet restaurants. But from Tuesday, June 10, her cuisine will be accessible at lower prices through DailyPic, a new casual spot in Valence, France.

An informal eatery, DailyPic has a minimalist, contemporary décor.

“DailyPic is a high-quality cafeteria as I’ve always imagined it. Fresh, unpretentious dishes made with seasonal ingredients, prepared in the kitchens of the Maison Pic [the chef’s Michelin-starred restaurant] to bring out the best in their flavours, with a touch of sophistication to bring something special to everyday life,” explains Anne-Sophie Pic.

The ready-to-eat dishes are served in small glass jars, and new options are added to the menu each week. Among the fare guests will enjoy: carrot salad with voatsiperifery pepper, cucumber gazpacho with fennel, confit veal tendron, beans with sage and coffee and – for dessert – a floating island flavoured with sencha green tea.

In addition to meals, which may be purchased to go or enjoyed on site, DailyPic will offer beverages (from €1.70 for a hot drink) and pastries (from €3.50 for an individual cake). There will also be a small selection of high-end groceries, allowing guests to take home some of the ingredients used by Anne-Sophie Pic in her restaurants.

A new take on the Caprese salad by Anne-Sophie Pic for DailyPic

Offered seven days a week (though not for dinner on Sundays), the meals are reasonably priced: 4 euro for appetizers, €6 for main dishes and €4 for desserts. There are also two fixed-price menus available at €11.90 (appetizer/main/drink or main/dessert/drink) or €14.90 (appetizer/main/dessert/drink), with dishes that change daily.

In the footsteps of her fellow chefs

By opening her own informal eatery, Pic joins the ranks of several other high-profile French chefs who have branched out to offer more affordable ready-to-eat fare.

Anne-Sophie Pic is the only female chef in France with three Michelin stars.

Marc Veyrat, for example, recently launched a fleet of food trucks in Paris. Catering to office workers on their lunch breaks around the French capital, the cafeterias on wheels serve freshly prepared dishes in glass jars.

Boco, a Parisian restaurant founded by a food critic and his brother in 2010, seems to have launched the idea of serving fast food in reusable glass jars, which are seen as a relatively eco-friendly and esthetically pleasing way to keep prepared food fresh.

Paul Bocuse, who has a reputation as the godfather of French gastronomy, opened his first OuestExpress fast food restaurant in 2008. The chain now includes three locations in France. In 2002, far ahead of the curve, celebrity chef Alain Ducasse opened a high-end bakery and sandwich shop, Be, in Paris.

DailyPic is located at 3 Place Championnet, Valence, France. More information: – AFP Relaxnews

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