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Coke wants consumers to turn their empty bottles into pencil sharpeners

Plus 15 other quirky redesigns for the packaging in its ‘2nd lives’ campaign.

It’s one of the most popular drinks in the world, so it makes sense that Coca-Cola is developing ways to extend the lifespan of its plastic bottles.

The brand has launched a “2nd lives” campaign in Asia, which features a series of 16 quirky redesigned bottle caps aimed at encouraging the reuse of its packaging.

Pencil sharpeners, water squirters and paintbrushes are just some of the products which can be created using the new caps, which are made in Coke’s signature red colour.

Soap dispensers, sauce bottles and children’s toys are also options.

Some 40,000 of the lids are currently being handed out with Coke bottles in Vietnam, before the campaign rolls out across other Asian regions later this year.

According to the group, the initiative is about “encouraging consumers to reuse and recycle plastic”.

It isn’t the first time that designers at Coke have had fun reinventing the bottle cap for the greater social good – in May this year the brand unveiled a new type of bottle lid called “The Friendly Twist” in Colombia, which must be interlocked with another in order to twist open, encouraging social interaction between shy students. – AFP Relaxnews

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