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Have it your way at ... McDonald's?

McDonald’s is quietly testing out a ‘build-your-own-burger’ concept in the US. – McDonald’s/AFP

McDonald’s is quietly testing out a ‘build-your-own-burger’ concept in the US. – McDonald’s/AFP

Burger chain testing out customisation.

IN addition to two beef patties, special sauce, lettuce and cheese, McDonald’s customers may one day be able to customise their burger by doubling up on pickles or omitting the onions.

According to the Associated Press, a McDonald’s outlet in California is quietly testing a new concept that would allow customers to build their own burger using tablets to place their order.

The pilot project is being tested at a restaurant in Orange County and is slated to expand to other locations across Southern California this year – a move aimed at attracting a dinner-time crowd and a new clientele, reports the AP.

Customers place their order by entering the kind of sauce, cheese and bun they want for their burger via a tablet.

The test props up the growing trend towards customisation in the fast food industry and borrows on the success of brands like Subway and Chipotle where customers can build their own sandwiches and burritos.

The move also encroaches on rival Burger King’s slogan, “Have it your way”, which invites diners to customise their sandwiches.

For its part, BK released a Big Mac knock-off last year with the launch of the Big King sandwich, which bears a striking resemblance to McDonald’s iconic burger.

The AP also reports that the company is rolling out new prep tables across the chain’s 14,000 restaurants in the US, which could signal an expanded toppings and ingredients menu that could include everything from jalapenos to salsa.

The chain has also said it’s reconsidering its breakfast hours to extend past the 10.30am cutoff. – AFP Relaxnews

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