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Tumi takes you beyond the boardroom

When it comes to storing a man’s business essentials, both the backpack and briefcase from Tumi work just as fine.

DRESSING for the office does not necessarily mean that it must be boring.

Within a similar line of thought, the bag you lug around to store your documents and other whatnots can also be just as fun.

Tumi knows all too well. The travel, business and lifestyle accessories brand is now offering a new line of workbags. These are said to blur the boundary between elements of workplace formality and a more casual side of everyday urban life.

The Alpha 2 Business collection comprises briefcases and backpacks. According to the brand, both models remain as highly functional bags – but at the same time, will not look out of place when carried by a stylish business professional.

The modern business person lives a life of creative motion. Having a versatile carry (left) is thus crucial. Not a conventional design, Tumi’s backpack is suitable for business purposes.

Alpha 2, on the whole, presents an upgrade to the brand’s iconic use of ballistic nylon. Named FXT, the new material is said to be abrasion-proof. Products fashioned from it are thus all the more durable.

The collection’s bags are also slimmer in structure and relatively lightweight.

Other features include an upgraded hardware and an interior lining, plus Tumi’s protective technology feature that shields against the virtual (RFID) theft of personal information.

Owners can also add their own strikes of colour with personalised tags, zip pullers and handles. In addition, a personal monogramming service allows names or initials to be added to each bag purchased.

In line with the collection’s launch, Tumi is having an exhibition to showcase the evolution of its Alpha 2 technology and design. This will be held at the concourse area of Pavilion Kuala Lumpur from Aug 11 to 17.

Tumi's first Asia Global Citizen, Dominic Lau.
Tumi’s first Asia Global Citizen, Dominic Lau.

The Alpha 2 Exhibition aims to shine a spotlight on Tumi’s innovative upgrades, plus patented and trademarked components. It will tell a story of how the different technologies that goes into fashioning a Tumi bag has evolved over the years.

Tumi’s first Asia Global Citizen, Dominic Lau, is slated to make an appearance, as well as the brand’s Malaysian Trailblazers – a curated group of extraordinary individuals with extraordinary stories to tell.

This local group of Tumi Trailblazers includes the likes of Sherin Wong, Dennis Lau, Bryan Loo, Jovian Mandagie, Wong Yu Jin, DJ duo Goldfish and Blink, Ung Yiu Lin and Joel Neoh.

Tumi’s Alpha 2 Exhibition, which will be launched next Monday, is open to the public.

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