Thursday, 7 August 2014

Design of a decade: A tribute to the '90s

We revisit the 1990s – the decade that connected us – with a look at 90 of the era's most significant people and moments.

Maybe it is because it was the last decade before the turn of a new century, or it could be the hedonistic lifestyle of the 1970s and the outrageous 1980s that made the 1990s just seem rather subdued.

But when we took a closer look at this decade, we realised there was a big shift – politically, musically, in fashion and especially in technology.

The ultimate status symbol was to own a handphone (or handset as it was first known here); the Internet was made accessible to the public; a serial killer (Jeffrey Dahmer) was arrested while the fictional serial killer (Hannibal Lecter) made his mark in pop culture; the people’s Princess perished in Paris; everyone freaked out over the “Y2K bug”.

In conjunction with National Geographic’s upcoming documentary, The ’90s: The Decade That Connected Us, we thought it’d be fun to walk down memory lane and come up with lists of nine things – from the entertainment scene and fashion industry to technology and people who mattered – that shaped the 1990s.

It might have been a minimalist decade compared to the decades before it but the 1990s sure made its mark.

The ’90s: The Decade That Connected Us premieres this Sunday (Aug 10) at 10pm on National Geographic (Astro Ch 553).

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