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Pastry pranksters leave cops with sticky mystery

Sweet little mystery: Why are they doing this? Why?

Sweet little mystery: Why are they doing this? Why?

They come in the night and vandalise the town with doughnuts, cakes, and even potato salad – but nobody knows who they are.

Police in a Portland suburb have a sticky situation on their hands: for more than a month, mysterious vandals have been smearing pastries on cars, depositing doughnuts in lawns and leaving cakes strewn about the streets. According to Hillsboro police, the baked-goods bandits first struck on June 1, smearing a maple bar across a car wind-shield. 

In the weeks since, the pastry perpetrators have occasionally turned to healthier fare, leaving yoghurt, bread and potato salad on vehicles and in driveways, although most of the incidents have involved sweets, said police spokesman Lieutenant Mike Rouches.

Amateur sleuths within the neighbourhood collected frosting and sprinkles, and traced pastries back to at least two supermarkets in the area. “We think the suspects probably went to a dumpster where a grocery store had thrown out day-old pastries,” Rouches said.

The sweet evidence: This one was a chocolate-covered bun with rainbow sprinkles left on a car. What does it mean? Are these signs of an impending dessert apocalypse?

Although only two residents of the suburban northeast Hillsboro neighbourhood have complained to police, baked goods seem to have been scattered across multiple vehicles and yards. No permanent damage has been caused, and no individual seems to have been specifically targeted, Rouches said.

Police see the maple bars and chocolate doughnuts as an inconvenience, rather than a threat, but Rouches said that a crime has occurred — criminal mischief, a misdemeanour. Patrol cars are making more visits to the neighbourhood, especially at night, although so far police have opted not to request surveillance video from local supermarkets.

“We believe the suspects are kids in the neighbourhood,” Rouches said, adding that police don’t necessarily need to arrest the perpetrators and could settle for an apology, but would like the late-night capers to stop. 

Just in case you thought this is a hoax article, check out this video. – Reuters

Just be thankful they don't look like this.

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