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Unbelievable video: Heroic cat saves boy from dog attack

A California child mauled from his bike by an attacking dog was saved by his family’s cat, which quickly rushed in and attacked the dog, in an unbelievable video posted on YouTube.

The video, posted to YouTube on May 14, shows a young boy, four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo, on his bicycle on a driveway in Bakersfield, California, when a dog suddenly lunges at his leg, grabs hold of it with his jaws and drags the boy off of the bike.

Safe and sound: Tara, the heroic female tabby, snuggles up to four-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo. Tara's quick action in defending Jeremy from a vicious dog attack outside their house on May 13 has been credited by his parents as saving the young boy's life. 

A dark cat then swiftly hurls itself onto the dog and chases it down the driveway and away from the child before the boy’s mother, Erica Triantafilo, rushes to help him. Erica then goes off camera, apparently to chase the dog away after noticing its return.

Local media reported the YouTube video footage entitled My Cat Saved My Son was taken from multiple security cameras installed at the family’s house. It has since gone viral, racking up more than 9 million views over the past three days.

The original video – which doesn't have audio – can be seen below. Viewers are advised that it ends with photographs of the boy’s injuries that may be too graphic for some.

“Thankfully, it wasn’t worse,” his father, Roger Triantafilo, wrote in posting the video. “My son is fine.”

According to a TV interview, the fearless cat – a female tabby named Tara – came to live with the family as a stray that followed the couple home five years ago. Since Jeremy was born, cat and boy have been inseparable. Jeremy’s parents told reporters that when he was a baby, she would often climb into his crib to curl up beside him.

Bakersfield police said the attacking dog, identified as an 8-month-old Labrador-Chow mix, had been surrendered by its owner’s family after the May 13 afternoon attack and placed under quarantine. According to later reports, the dog was euthanised to prevent further attacks.

Police spokesman Sergeant Joseph Grubbs said the dog’s owners, who live in the same neighbourhood as the boy, said the dog did not like children or bicycles. He did not identify the owner by name. – Reuters

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