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'Don't you just love how I look in this photo?': Five fun 'selfie' trends

How many ways are there to take photographs of yourself? According to social media, there are plenty – we take a look at five interesting new 'selfie' trends.

If your Instagram and Facebook feeds have suddenly been flooded with immodest selfies of men – naked except with socks on their tender parts – fret not. It’s not the latest fashion trend bound to take the world by storm, so you don’t have to worry about sitting next to someone on the LRT who has nothing but a ratty ol’ sock over his modesty.

Due to modesty issues, the #sockonac*ck selfies are simply not halal for re-publication. 

The pictures, which prove that the odd sock that has lost its pair can be put to good use, are part of a global bid to raise awareness for testicular cancer, and men (and some women) have taken on the challenge to spread the word as far and wide as possible.

Every time a participant posts a photo, they are encouraged to donate GBP5 (RM27) for Britain's testicular cancer charity Chekemlads. The Facebook page for this peculiar campaign has already garnered more than 33,000 'likes'.

Well, if there is anything that we can learn from the #sockonac*ck project – besides the importance of understanding testicular cancer and early detection – is that people have some fancy socks and, more crucially, that they would do anything in the name of fun-loving selfies. 

Here are some other fun (and some downright crazy) selfie trends that people have taken part in, and hey, it’s not too late for you as well.


Ladies around the world started posting photos of themselves without a dab of make-up, in the name of breast cancer awareness and raising money for charity while they are at it. And you know what? It worked. The gorgeous women (and some men who decided to post selfies of themselves wearing make-up) and their bare-naked faces managed to raise over GBP2mil (RM10.8mil) for several cancer-related charities in Britain.


Are you a competitive freak who always wanted to be in the Olympics but never had the opportunity? Then this is the platform for you to shine. People from all over the planet combined forces to bring to social media some of the most insane selfies of all time. Relocate living room to bathroom for a selfie? Done. Create a jungle in your bedroom just for a photo-op? Done. Post a selfie of you eating a sink-ful of noodle soup? Yep. The Selfie Olympics did bring out the crazy in most people and one good thing came out of it though ... now we know who to avoid at dinner parties.


Ever wondered how you would look like as an alien? Why think too hard when you can see it for yourself. Just take a roll of sellotape and tape it around your face and go round and round until your face resembles something only your mother could force herself to love. Yes, it will be painful when the time comes for you to peel the tape off, but hey ... what's a little pain in the name of selfie?

Pretty girls making ugly faces

What's better than a pretty girl? A pretty girl who makes herself 'ugly' just for a few laughs. This selfie trend that's been going on for a few months requires the participant to well, make themselves look ugly. While that might just come naturally for some of us, there is no harm in joining in the fun, distorting your face and taking a photo for the whole world to recoil from in horror. 

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