Tuesday, 18 March 2014 | MYT 4:45 PM

Goodbye planking, hello whaling!

Move over planking, there's a new trend in town.

Move over planking, there's a new trend in town.

The latest in Vine memes sees folks doing a mysterious move inspired by the world’s biggest marine mammal.

Planking is now a thing of the past. Today’s hottest new “thing” is called whaling.

Just like planking, it’s really easy to do. Unless if you have a bad back, in which case you may want to refrain from any whaling action...

Simply hide behind an object that’s bigger than you (a desk, sofa, car, door, etc) and start breaching – or lobtailing – like a whale. Make sure your video camera (or phone) captures every whaling moment. Otherwise, it’s just, you know, silly.

Do it anywhere you can – the office, school, supermarket, on the train or even at the mamak (we recommend whaling behind the guy who makes your teh tarik or flips your roti canai ... but be careful, of course).

If you’re still unsure how to “whale”, just check out these awesome Vine memes, one of which features cheerleading champ Santwon McCray, who was a judge at The Star's own Cheer competition for two years!

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