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Bubbling with joy as dog owners

LUM Keen Lee, 34, has been the proud owner of Bubbles, a Maltese, for seven years now.

The accounts manager with an oil and gas company got her from a pet shop when she was just a month old.

“She is included in all our activities: family get-togethers, Chinese New Year celebrations, and on car and bike rides,” said Lum, when met at his condominium in Kuala Lumpur last Sunday. “If we are out working, my brothers-in-law will look after her. If we go outstation, she comes with us.

“She gets presents on her birthday, and for Christmas and Chinese New Year.”

The best part is, Bubbles was photographed with the couple during their wedding shoot recently.

Lum described Bubbles as “clingy, very friendly and likes to sleep a lot”.

Bubbles suffers from severe dry eye due to a grooming session that went horribly wrong and resulted in corneal scarring in both eyes. The possibility of her becoming blind was very high. Surgery was inevitable, and the vet stitched the eyes shut for almost two months.

“She suffered for three months and was not able to see anything during that time. Thank God, she pulled through,” said Lum.

“Unfortunately, her eyes were permanently scarred and could no longer produce tears,” said Lum. So he and Tay have to apply eye drops for Bubbles at least thrice a day.

The adorable Maltese also has sensitive skin and is prone to getting rashes when it is hot, so utmost care is always taken to make her happy and comfortable. This includes letting her sleep with them in an air-conditioned room.

Care is taken with regard to her diet, too – Bubbles drinks only filtered water and, besides her usual food, is given fruits (especially apples, her favourite).

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