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Full of energy and vitality

PEOPLE born under the Horse zodiac are said to be popular, quick-witted, charming, cheerful and talented. Apparently, Horses are active personalities and cannot bear doing nothing.

Highly spirited, the Horse loves attention and is industrious and enthusiastic. Horse people are said to be full of wit and grace. Pretty impulsive at times, the Horse needs to have better control of his temper, otherwise he may be misunderstood as arrogant or condescending.

Quick to warm up to an idea, the Horse can also get bored easily as he hates routine.

Retired teacher Nirmala Raghavan enjoys her role as matriach of the family.
Nirmala Raghavan

Horse personalities generally see themselves as strong characters.

Nirmala Raghavan, 71, a retired teacher, is viewed as the matriarch of the family.

“I live each day to the fullest and am anything but lazy,” says Nirmala. Her life philosophy is “live and let live” and she enjoys helping those who cannot help themselves.

“I take criticisms and compliments, and rejoice – which makes it difficult to control or defeat me.” A wild horse, perhaps?

Nirmala dislikes insincerity, though.

“I’m least affected by praises as I suspect an ulterior motive.”

Nirmala loves water. This may have something to do with the Water element as she was born in the Year of the Water Horse.

“During my teen years, I loved to turn on the tap and place my hands under the running water.”

Her idea of a good life is a day by the beach, listening to the hypnotic lull of the waves.

Nirmala sees herself as a loner by choice. As a child, her favourite hideout was on top of the mango tree, where she found peace and solitude.

But she can be a social creature.

“Once in while, I can be very jovial,” she says.

Nirmala’s hobbies are singing, reading and writing. She writes in Tamil as well as English, and has published a book in Tamil, which was used as a textbook in Tamil Nadu, India. She has written about 350 articles for a local daily.

“Once upon a time, I learnt Indian classical dance. I have been a newspaper critic for Indian music and dance, and written the lyrics for and composed about 100 dance songs based on classical music, which were recorded in India,” she said.

Jamie Cho Xue Hui is happy to be born under the Horse Zodiac. She will turn 12 on June 27.
Jamie Cho Xue Hui

Her two daughters were born in the Year of the Sheep and Monkey, respectively.

“Both are close to me, hiding nothing from me. Although the ‘Monkey’ and I quarrel a lot, we still go on holidays together.

“During my younger days, I was a really fast worker. It made me restless, and only reading and writing could quieten me. I used to dictate notes in class, while writing something else underneath the table!”

Nirmala’s vibrant personality is typical of Horses. Her energy and drive are shared by 11-year-old Jamie Cho Xue Hui, who was born in the Year of the Water Horse in 2002.

She is outgoing and loves the respect and attention of her fellow schoolmates.

Jamie considers herself lucky to be born under the Horse zodiac.

“I’m told that people born under the Horse zodiac are talented. They have character traits such as strength and vigour, and are outgoing. They are also spirited, charismatic and full of energy,” says the bubbly lass.

A pupil of SRJK Naam Kheung, Cheras, Jamie is active like the Horse and enjoys her role as a school prefect.

“I like being a prefect because I can interact with many students,” says Jamie.

She is pretty good with time management.

“My grandma gives me only two hours to watch TV, play computer games or connect with my Facebook friends. Sometimes I get bored and go to bed early as I have to be up at 6am on school days.”

Though Jamie does not collect horse-related items, she would love to have one as a birthday gift.

“Horses are so beautiful and graceful.

“They are a sight to behold,” says Jamie, who enjoys watching wild horses on TV.

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