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Friday, 18 April 2014 | MYT 5:00 PM

Easter weekend fun: 'Egg-citing' activities and ideas for the whole family

Indulge in family-oriented fun this Easter weekend with egg hunts, games and other activities.

Indulge in family-oriented fun this Easter weekend with egg hunts, games and other activities.

This weekend, celebrate Easter with some fun activities. Here are some delightful and exciting projects you can do with your little ones.

Easter egg hunt

What’s Easter Sunday without the ever popular egg hunt activity. Get some hard boiled eggs ready, either on Easter morning or the day before. Draw silly faces on them for the kids’ amusement and hide them around the house. You can get the kids to start their hunt first thing in the morning and have hard boiled eggs for breakfast! Nutritious and fun!

Easter chocolate hunt

Ok, this activity might cost a bit of money, but it can be a lot of fun for the kids. Get some Easter bunny shaped chocolates and hide them around the house. Create maps or come up with fun stories, to lead your kids to their treasures. You can either hide Easter shaped bunny chocolates or Easter egg chocolates to mix things up a little.

Easter egg painting

This activity requires a little advanced preparation as well. Get some hardboiled eggs and set up an egg-painting station at home with the kids. Let their creativity run wild. Paint funny faces, or rainbow colours on the eggs, or simply paste glitter on them, the choice is yours. Check out our DIY Crowned Easter egg masterclass

Easter movie fun

A scene from Hop, a live action/CG-animated comedy from the producers of Despicable Me and the director of Alvin and the Chipmunks. This is E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand), the teenage son of the Easter Bunny, who is on a mission to save Easter.

Sit down together for a fun Easter-themed movie. Pop in a DVD, sit back and enjoy. Here are some choices to keep with the Easter theme: Hop (2011), Hank and Mike (2008), The First Easter Rabbit (1976), Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey (1991), Easter Parade (1948), and Mr. Popper’s Penguins (2011).

Egg and spoon race

Instead of playing games on your tablets or the computer, why not try this. If you have a backyard or a spacious front room (or any spacious area indoors), this game can offer a lot of fun for all. Place an egg on a spoon, form teams and race! You can invite other family, relatives and friends over to have bigger teams and add on to the fun. Use hard boiled eggs to avoid messy accidents.

Easter art fun

This simple and very easy activity can keep the kids entertained for hours. Just grab a piece of A4 paper and start drawing. Offer your kids a theme, such as pink Easter bunny or a basket filled with eggs, or even Easter bunny chocolate drawings. Turn it into a competition between siblings and reward them with Easter chocolates or help them colour their pictures so you can get in the fun as well.

Easter “devilled” eggs

What to do with all those leftover Easter eggs? Make devilled eggs, of course. 

Devilled eggs are easy and simple to make. So why not get the kids to join in for some added fun. All you need are peeled hard boiled eggs, mayonnaise, pinch of salt, fresh black pepper and yellow mustard, if you fancy a little kick. Check out The Star's own recipe for devilled eggs that uses mashed potatoes. 

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