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Ultimate Emmy showdown

It's time the Emmy starts considering The Simpsons as more than just an animated series.

It's time the Emmy starts considering The Simpsons as more than just an animated series.

WHAT if Lucille Ball competed with Julia Louis-Dreyfus for a best actress in a comedy Emmy? Or if The Sopranos took on Game Of Thrones for best drama? We thought we’d let our imagination run wild and create our Ultimate Emmys. We’ve nominated the best actors, actresses and shows in all of television history, choosing just one winner in each major category.

Best Drama

Nominees: The Wire; The Sopranos; Mad Men; Game Of Thrones; Hill Street Blues; Breaking Bad

Winner: Game Of Thrones. Surprise! The Emmys are never gonna do it, so I will. Best. Drama. Ever.

Best Comedy

Nominees: Seinfeld; The Simpsons; The Mary Tyler Moore Show; Modern Family; I Love Lucy; 30 Rock

Winner: The Simpsons. After 25 years, you’d better have a number of superlative episodes that are so funny, so smart, so well voiced they could add up to dozens and dozens. For too long, the Emmys have relegated this to “animation,” but it deserves its place among the giants – as the biggest and best of them all.

Best Actress In A Drama

Nominees: Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights; Claire Danes, Homeland; Sonja Sohn, The Wire; Edie Falco, The Sopranos; Patricia Wettig, thirtysomething; Glenn Close, Damages

Winner: Falco. The glorious Falco has two huge credits (the other one being Nurse Jackie), and in both she brought a living, breathing, utterly relatable human being right before our very eyes.

Best Actor In A Drama

Nominees: James Gandolfini, The Sopranos; Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad; Dennis Franz, NYPD Blue; Hugh Laurie, House MD; Jon Hamm, Mad Men; Dominic West, The Wire

Winner: Cranston. Spent nights struggling over this choice. But they were not wasted: Cranston wins. — Newsday/McClatchy Tribune Information Services

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