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On The Air extras: 'Blue Bloods', 'Growing Up Fisher' and 'Rindu Awak 200%'

Those Reagan family Sunday dinners can always be counted on for a pearl of wisdom, an LOL moment, or some entertaining intra-family tension.

For an episodic police procedural with relatively little in the way of season-long plot threads, Blue Bloods has been a viewing staple at our home since it started. Why? Simple – it’s got great characters you can really care about, and those Reagan family Sunday dinners can always be counted on for a pearl of wisdom, an LOL moment, or some entertaining intra-family tension. (Heck yeah it’s entertaining, as long as it’s someone else’s family.)

This season, that “relatively little” will consist mainly of Frank Reagan’s (Tom Selleck) rollercoaster relationship with the newly-appointed Inspector-General of the NYPD, Kelly Peterson (Frasier’s Bebe Neuwirth). She’s a no-nonsense type who makes it quite plain to the Commissioner from the get-go that she isn’t going to cut him or the force any slack, despite their previous acquaintance. Speaking of which, expect some embers to drift (not quite “sparks to fly”) between them in the course of the season.

Strong episodes lined up for S4 include a grieving mother (Karen Allen) demanding that her daughter’s actual killer is brought to justice, even though doing so may let a serial killer go free; a new party drug that impacts way too close to the family; a woman obsessed with revenge on the now-released drunk driver who killed her parents; and the case of a slain undercover cop who still has a few surprises for his squad mates.

And there’s a lot of that TV trope of having the current case coincidentally reflect or run parallel with events/situations in the main characters’ lives. It’s old, yes, but somehow when Blue Bloods does it, it’s still gold. — Davin Arul

> Blue Bloods S4 airs at 10:55pm every Monday to Thursday on AXN (Astro Ch 701).

Rindu Awak 200%

Rindu Awak 200%

Quiet and reserved Zill is still recovering from the death of his fiancee ... five years after her tragic car accident. In walks the spunky, free-spirited Armel, whose mother forces her to marry him.

Judging from the first five episodes of this series, based on the novel of the same title by Liyana Zahim, things aren’t going so well between them – with Armel asking for a divorce on their wedding night itself!

It’s interesting to see how the pair, who are polar opposites, learn to love in less than ideal circumstances.

The ladies will be happy to know that the hunky Zul Ariffin leads the cast but his co-star Ayda Jebat’s dynamic character is also something to look forward to.

It’s nice to see a woman on TV who has a mind of her own and how that translates into a marriage. — Kenneth Chaw

> Rindu Awak 200% airs every Monday to Thursday at 7pm on TV3 (Astro Ch 103/HyppTV Ch 103).

Growing Up Fisher

This sitcom, with its formulaic premise, offers just the right ingredients for a feel-good family comedy. We have a mom and dad, two kids, some high school crushes, a dog and and a funny Asian kid.

Growing Up Fisher is short lived, with only 13 episodes in its entire run, but it is still immensely enjoyable.

The premise? Blind lawyer Mel Fisher (JK Simmons), the dad, finally comes out to the world about his visual impairment after a not-so-bitter divorce, leading him to adopt a seeing-eye dog in place of his young son who used to guide him around before.

The fun part of the show is seeing how Fisher went through life convincing people he didn’t have a problem with his sight in sporadic flashbacks throughout the series.

Personally, I am devastated they cancelled this heart-warming, laughtrack-free gem. — Gayathri Nair

> Growing Up Fisher airs every Wednesday at 1pm on Diva (Astro Ch 702).

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