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'Sleepy Hollow' actress Lyndie Greenwood reveals what's in store for Season Two

Full time: Lyndie Greenwood has been promoted to series regular in Season Two of Sleepy Hollow.

Full time: Lyndie Greenwood has been promoted to series regular in Season Two of Sleepy Hollow.

From a tech expert in Nikita to Jenny the mental patient in Sleepy Hollow, actress Lyndie Greenwood loves playing contrasting characters.

There is still no date on when Season Two of Sleepy Hollow will return to our TV screens (it resumes on Sept 22 in the United States). 

This is kind of disconcerting since the last time we saw the series’ heroes – Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) and Liutenant Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) – one was trapped in a coffin and the other was in Purgatory.

The series which mixes supernatural elements and somewhat fictional historical facts with police investigations kicked off with Ichabod Crane’s return from the dead.

Ichabod learns that his time in the present day is somehow intertwined with a supernatural event that Abbie and her sister, Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood), experienced when they were younger.

An experience that has left different marks on the sisters – while Abbie decided to let go of the past, Jenny can’t seem to move past it. In fact, she wants to learn more of what she and her sister saw in the woods many years ago.

Unfortunately, this lands Jenny in a mental institute as no one believes a word she said. However, instead of breaking her resolve about discovering the truth, living under this type of scrutiny has made Jenny stronger – both physically and mentally.

Over the course of Season One, the sisters finally arrive on the same page in their search for the truth. Like her sister, Jenny’s fate is also hanging by the thread at the end of Season One – while tracking down a clue, her vehicle is shot down by the Headless Horseman leaving her bloodied and unconcious inside the overturned car.

Greenwood, who is born and raised in Toronto, Canada, is perhaps best remembered as the British techie in the recently-ended action series Nikita.

Full time: Lyndie Greenwood has been promoted to series regular in Season Two of Sleepy Hollow.
Lyndie Greenwood in a scene from the first season of Sleepy Hollow.

Season One ended with a great cliffhanger. How much of the ending did you know beforehand?

I didn’t know anything, so the ending was a huge surprise to me as well! Reading the script was exciting and terrifying (especially because of how it leaves Jenny).

Anything you can tell us about Season Two?

I can’t really tell you much, because I don’t really know too much. However, what I do know, I can’t spoil. Isn’t it more fun that way, anyways?

What was your initial reaction when you first read the script?

I never actually got to read the pilot because I was hired after it was made. I remember watching the trailers for the show and thinking, “I can’t wait to see this!” I thought it looked awesome, and I knew I’d be a fan. Needless to say, I was very excited when I got the opportunity to audition for it.

In just a couple of episodes, your character went from a patient in an asylum to a force of nature in the outside world. What was it like to get into Jenny’s GI Jane mode?

I love that, “force of nature!” I’ve always loved to work out, so the training wasn’t any more intense than usual to get into “Jenny-mode”. One thing that helped me get into the “feel” of Jenny was putting on her wardrobe.

Something about the boots and army vest – they made me stand a little taller and feel more aware of my body. I’ve been slacking over this hiatus, so I’m busy getting back into Jenny-shape now!

What do you like about Jenny?

I love that Jenny is an intelligent, no-nonsense woman with vast stores on knowledge, and a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She’s got a dry sense of humour, which comes from having to survive many hardships in her life. But, she also is vulnerable; the pain of losing her sister for all those years surfaces often, and it’s interesting to see how she tries to hide it.

It took me a few episodes to realise you’re Sonya from Nikita. What was it like to go from being a computer expert to an action star?

I feel very lucky to have been able to play such contrasting characters. I’ve had to explore different aspects of myself. It’s a challenge, and I love doing it.

Through looking at these characters’ differences, I’ve come to see their similarities, as well: they are both strong, smart women. I do miss the accent, though.

Greenwood in Nikita.

Did you get any action tips from Maggie Q?

I definitely learned a lot watching Maggie Q, but mostly for her acting ability rather than her physicality. She has a stillness that I could definitely use more of.

What is it like working with Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison?

It’s a blast working with both of them. Of course, they have amazing chemistry together, so it’s fun to walk on set and be able to be a part of that.

They are both very funny people, but they’re also very professional, and I learn a lot from both of them.

A lot of filming for Sleepy Hollow takes place at night, how challenging is that? Or is that more fun?

Filming at night can be very tricky. For one thing, people are usually very tired, so there’s that to deal with. Also, you’re often battling the light. You need to get all your shots in before the sun rises, and takes the glorious darkness away.

When you’re in the studio, you can make the light look however you need it to, and don’t need to worry about the sun. But being outside has a neat feeling to it sometimes, too: the fresh air, and the sounds of the world at night can add to the performance.

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