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Solid gold performance

Odd job worker turns his life around on Kilauan Emas 4.

Omar Sharif Mat Din was getting prepped by a stylist at a photo studio in Astro’s office in Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur. He got some advice on how to pose but it was clear that the lanky 42–year–old was not used to camera flashes.

As he was whisked away for Star2’s interview, Omar seemed relieved.

“Kita buat benda yang senang dulu (Let’s do the easier thing first),” he said.

Less than 24 hours ago before this interview, Omar, or Arip as he is fondly known, was crowned champion of Kilauan Emas 4. He walked away with RM100,000 cash, a Toyota Camry and a holiday package to Bali, Indonesia.

Kilauan Emas is a popular reality singing competition opened to contestants aged 40 and above. Aired on Astro Prima (Ch 105) and Maya HD (Ch 135), the show has been a hit with viewers.

The final for Season Four was held last week which saw Arip holding his own against remaining competitors Zain Ramli and Benasil Kudong.

Deserving winner: Kilauan Emas 4 champion Omar Sharif Mat Din or Arip says he is still getting used to the fact that he has won the competition.
Kilauan Emas 4 champion Omar Sharif Mat Din or Arip says he is still getting used to the fact that he has won the competition.

“To be honest, it didn’t seemed like a competition on finals night. We said to each other ‘Let’s get on that stage and give everyone a good show’. That’s what we wanted to do and I hope we’ve delivered,” Arip said.

He added: “Even if you asked me who is my biggest competitor, I’d have to say it’s me. I have to overcome my own nerves and doubts on stage.”

Originally from Raub, Pahang, Arip said he joined Kilauan Emas 4 because his mother told him so.

“I was doing a lot of odd jobs, from working in factories to my last job making drinks at a stall. So, my mum told me to try out for Kilauan Emas 4. She said I can’t spend the rest of my life just singing at weddings and doing odd jobs. She challenged me to make something out of my life.”

The father of two young children got his wife’s blessings, went for the audition and made it to the show.

It was clear that Arip feels indebted to his 67-year-old mother. At the semi-final of the competition, he performed Exist’s Untukmu Ibu and dedicated it to his mum.

His heart-wrenching performance brought members of the audience to tears and even moved judge Ziana Zain. At Star2’s interview, Arip talked about his guilt as a sinful son.

“I felt that I’ve always disappointed (my mum). I never achieved anything career-wise. Even in my education, I only got through SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia). She never said anything to me about my life. But as a son, I just know that I’ve not done enough for her.”

In the final, Arip performed two numbers and a duet with vocal powerhouse Jaclyn Victor. The consistent performer wowed judges with his rocking performance of original song Aku Tak Bisa and a cover of Iklim’s Di Pintu Mahligai.

Arip said he remembers telling his mother that “everything will be easier now”.

“I’m still letting the results sink in (laughs). Even at the photoshoot just now, I was wondering ‘is this really happening to me?’ Honestly, it feels like a lot is going on at the moment.” With his RM100,000 cash victory, Arip hopes to set up a restaurant in Rawang, Selangor.

“Hopefully, everything will go as planned. We’ll serve all kinds of food. I think of it as a long-term plan for me and my family.”

On a possible music career, Arip is aware that it might not be as easy although he has won a singing competition.

“Because of my age, I don’t know how far I can go. But I am open to any opportunities. I definitely won’t stop singing.”

He also hopes his story will inspire others to make the most out of their lives.

“I’ve heard really terrible things about myself. There are those who said I’ve abused illegal substance due to my skinny frame. It’s hurtful and it’s not true.

“I hope others who are in my shoes will be able to overcome these negative people and prove them wrong with success,” he said.

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