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TV series 'The Originals' is a bloody mess

Power to the people: The cast of The Originals (from left) Danielle Campbell,

Power to the people: The cast of The Originals (from left) Danielle Campbell,

Our review of The Originals: Bad boy Klaus gets his own show; unfortunately other supernatural creatures are dragging it down.

Whenever Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan) pops up in The Vampire Diaries, menacing the whiny people and vampires living in Mystic Falls (not to mention snapping their necks at breakneck speed, pun intended) he does so with a glint in his eyes. This, in turn, leaves the audience feeling a little gleeful as anyone could be eliminated from the show (and most of the time for the series’ betterment).

In short, Klaus was an asset on The Vampire Diaries. Too bad, he is floundering in the series’ spin-off, The Originals, which revolves around him, his siblings, some unfriendly witches and arrogant werewolves. And therein lies the problem, The Originals just mixes so many supernatural elements into one show that it becomes a distasteful broth. Actually, even the humans are far from normal. All this takes too much attention away from the main man. 

Morgan excels in bringing Klaus’ varied emotions (he cries so easily), but it looks like he is forced to play a one-note character (just evil) for now.

A vampire/werewolf hybrid, Klaus was considered an abomination by his own father; the elder Mikaelson was intent on hunting down his own son and ridding the world of him. Dad wasn’t successful, allowing Klaus to leave a trail of blood wherever he goes.

In The Originals, this ancient dude arrives in New Orleans – the city where he reigned for a long time, having built it and then being banished years later. Once he sees that the new king is none other than his protege, Klaus gets busy trying to usurp Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and play king once again. 

Of course, his I’m-better-than-everyone-else older brother Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and desperate-for-love younger sister Rebekah (Claire Holt) do not approve of this but decide to stay on nonetheless. From time to time, there are also flashbacks to when Klaus did something that had an impact on the present day.

Perhaps the worst subplot in The Originals is the one about this teenage witch that Marcel holds captive – she is so powerful that she can prevent all the other witches living in New Orleans from practising magic. Too bad all that power can’t make her likeable.

Believe it or not, the messiness gets messier with the presence of Hayley, a pregnant werewolf girl who is carrying Klaus’ baby. Actually, if it weren’t for how actress Phoebe Tonkin portrays her (wide-eyed and pouty-lipped), this subplot would not be that bad.

The unborn child does pave the way for the series to shine a different light on Klaus. His entire unlife, all Klaus ever wanted was someone to love him unconditionally. A baby can do just that, and maybe at last, Klaus can be painted with some brighter colours instead of different shades of monster.

At the very least, it would be interesting to see how Klaus takes to fatherhood (maybe it will become a different show ... a soap?) or how the supernatural baby could shift the balance in this town. But it looks like the pregnancy may last one whole season, and by that time the series might have lost one more viewer. Oh well.

Morgan remains the only reason to watch The Originals. He is good in exuding evil and brokenness as a creature who is so powerful that he can’t be stopped by anyone, yet one that is crippled by abandonment and familial issues. It is the development of this character that the audience are interested in, not all the other characters. 

Frankly, there isn’t a single other character that is likeable on this show. No wonder even a one-dimensional Klaus stands out.

The Originals airs every Friday at 9pm on Warner TV (HyppTV Ch 613). What are your thoughts on The Originals? E-mail your comments to

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