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K-Pop Culture: Alien woes, new heartthrob alert and more

Alien love: My Love From The Star stars Kim Soo-hyun as a professor from outer space and Gianna Jun as the woman he is set out to protect.

Alien love: My Love From The Star stars Kim Soo-hyun as a professor from outer space and Gianna Jun as the woman he is set out to protect.

What's happening in the world of K-Pop and K-Drama.

A new Indonesian TV drama called Kau Yang Berasal Dari Bintang is allegedly a plagiarised version of Korean hit My Love From The Star, which stars Kim Soo-hyun.

SBS TV reportedly said that it had not given the legal publication rights to the Indonesian drama, which is being aired on the Indonesian television network RCTI.

The drama gained a lot of attention for having an extremely similar plotline and characters as its Korean counterpart, famed for portraying the love between a female movie star and a handsome alien who came to earth 400 years ago.

Heartthrob alert

Ji Chang-wook

The K-realm has a new heartbreaker and his name is Ji Chang-wook (pic). Last seen in Empress Ki with Ha Ji-Won, the Korean actor is laying the groundwork for widening his presence in Asia, benchmarking the hallyu-star formula already demonstrated by Kim Soo-hyun and Lee Min-ho.

Ji’s popularity has been rising on the back of his role on Empress Ki, which drew up a stunning 28.7% viewer rating in the 51st and final episode at the end of April.

In the second half of this year, Ji will be visiting 10 Asian countries, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Indonesia as part of the drama’s overseas promotions.

Previously, Ji’s international activities were largely kept to Japan, where he starred in musicals The Three Musketeers and The Days.

lee jong-suk

Doctor on diet

If you think actor Lee Jong-suk (pic) is too skinny for his own good, think again: the I Can Hear Your Voice star made a decision to shed even more weight to add to the authenticity of his North Korean scenes in SBS TV’s new drama, Doctor Stranger.

“I know I am pretty skinny, but I still tried to lose extra weight for the part until my face got all bony,” Lee said. The recently premiered Doctor Stranger is set in a famous hospital, and has Lee playing a genius chest surgeon who flees from North Korea, where he was brought to after being kidnapped as a child.

Choi Si-won of K-pop boyband Super Junior

Tops on Twitter

Choi Si-won (pic right), a member of the K-pop group Super Junior, recently broke the record for having the most number of Twitter followers among Korean celebrities; as of May 1 Choi had over four million followers, bypassing the likes of Psy, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Miss A’s Bae Suzy.

Choi is known to write daily status updates on Twitter and often shares a variety of photos of him posing with A-list celebrities such as movie director Steven Spielberg, designer Karl Lagerfeld and actor Jackie Chan.

Following closely behind in the Twitter numbers is another member from the group, Donghae, who reportedly has 3.9 million followers.

Kim Jae-joong

Military duty

Fans of JYJ member and actor Kim Jae-joong (pic above) will be sad to see him go – the K-pop star recently admitted that the MBC TV show Triangle would most likely be his last show before military enlistment. His break from the industry will possibly stretch till 2017.

In Triangle, Kim co-stars with Z:EA’s Im Si-wan to play long-lost brothers separated as children by unfortunate circumstances. Kim’s character Heo Young-dal takes to the streets as a petty thug while his younger sibling Yoon Yang-ha, played by Im, is adopted into a chaebol household to be groomed as the heir to a casino empire.

Their ill-fated paths converge on casino territory where both, unaware of their blood ties, fall for dealer Oh Jung-hee, played by actress Baek Jin-hee, in what promises to become a high-stakes, soap-operatic love triangle. – The Korea Herald/Asia News Network

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