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The Simpsons turn into Legos for 550th episode

Homer has hallucinations ... er, so what’s new?

FOX has released the trailer for Brick Like Me, a special Lego-themed episode scheduled to air tomorrow (May 4). Homer, his family and the rest of Springfield have all been turned into Lego minifigures living in a world made of bricks.

The special Lego episode of The Simpsons will air on FOX on May 4.

The 550th episode of the animated comedy shows Homer Simpson having strange hallucinations. In a world where everything is made of bricks, and where U-shaped claws take the place of hands, the father of the famous yellow family finds himself imagining he has fingers.

This special episode commemorates the collaboration between Lego and FOX, announced in January, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show. The tie-up resulted in the launch of a new Lego collection based on the irreverent comedy, including 16 new minifigures of Springfield’s best known residents and everything needed to build Homer and Marge’s house.

The Simpsons’ House construction set is available at US$199.99, including six minifigures (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Ned). The 16 minifigures are also available separately in individual “mystery bags” priced at US$3.99 each. – AFP Relaxnews

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