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Watch: David Letterman reveals decision to retire from show

The ‘Late Show’ host tells unsuspecting audiences that he will be “wrapping things up” sometime next year.

David Letterman, the longest-serving late night talk show host, revealed his plans to retire from his popular Late Show With David Letterman on the show’s April 3 taping, just nine days short of his 67th birthday. In the video, he starts off with a story about how he has spent half his life “behind this desk”, as well as “in makeup”.

Then he goes on to talk about a previous birdwatching outing with his 11-year-old son Harry, a chat with his wife Regina as well as Harry, and finally, makes an abrupt announcement about retiring next year.

Folks in the studio seemed a little confused at first, unsure of whether the news was real or just one of the host’s jokes. But a string of questions from music director Paul Shaffer – who, along with his music entourage, has been with Letterman for decades – confirmed the announcement.

“We don’t have the timing of this precisely down; it will be at least a year or so. But at some time in the not too distant future — 2015, for the love of God — in fact, Paul and I will be wrapping things up and taking a hike,” says Letterman, who has been a talk show for 33 years.

Meanwhile, other talk show hosts, celebrities and even US President Barack Obama himself have been tweeting words of praise to Letterman. Some folks have also started making their own David Letterman-themed “Top Ten” lists, as well as a list of possible talents who could “replace” him next year (#LettermanReplacement is currently trending on Twitter).

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