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Bruised, but not battered, in Banshee

Ivana Milicevic plays Carrie Hopewell, the love interest and former partner-in-crime of Antony Starr’s Sheriff Lucas Hood, in 'Banshee'.

Ivana Milicevic plays Carrie Hopewell, the love interest and former partner-in-crime of Antony Starr’s Sheriff Lucas Hood, in 'Banshee'.

Ivana Milicevic plays Carrie Hopewell in Banshee, a jewel thief who has assumed a new identity.

WELCOME to Banshee, a town filled with women who are capable and strong.

At the forefront is Ivana Milicevic’s Carrie Hopewell, a jewel thief who has assumed a new identity and new family in the small town.

Like all the characters in Banshee, Carrie is neither good nor bad, but – given the opportunity – she can turn herself into a lethal weapon.

So much so that in one very long fight sequence seen in the later episodes of Season One, Carrie goes mano a mano with a bulky male opponent and wins.

When asked if Carrie could take on the female action hero Sarah Connor (of Terminator), the Bosnia-born American said with no hesitation whatsoever: “Oh, I could beat Sarah Connor.”

Milicevic was talking to journalists about Banshee’s second season in Los Angeles, where she lives.

Dressed in all black – even her nails were painted black – the tall beauty exuded an easy personality.

It was obvious that Milicevic is proud to be a part of Banshee, as the role has provided her a chance to explore the character’s emotional and physical upheaval.

Before Banshee, the 39-year-old actress had been in a string of films and TV series for the past two decades – including a minor role in Casino Royale.

The former model admitted that she had hardly a few minutes in the Bond film, yet people still associate her as being a “Bond girl”.

“From my career perspective, I am grateful for it,” Milicevic willingly admits.

“I think people don’t look for Bond girl roles. There are new 20-year-olds who want that part and I want them to have it. I want to play woman parts now.

“I am lucky to be in Banshee. Yes, she is pretty, if you think so, but she is also a tough woman, a mother. She is strong sexually and physically ... and fearless.”

Giving as good as she got in the first season, Carrie ends up in prison in the second season.

“I couldn’t wait to go to prison this season.

“One, because of my fancy outfit, which is just so comfortable. And I like that she just snaps, like ‘that’s enough’.”

Just like in Season One, Carrie has another brutal fight scene in prison, this time with a female prisoner.

“Prison fight? I love it. I don’t mind being ugly doing it. I like this ‘mama bear’ unleashing. Frankly, I believe I would do the exact same thing if someone tries to hurt my family.

“I am a peaceful, loving person, and I have to be provoked – when my family’s life is in danger ... What am I saying: We all have it in us (to defend our family). I am not special; there is a banshee in all of us.” 

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