Monday, 19 August 2013

More stars are coming

FOLLOWING Joey Yung, Twins, G.E.M, Tang Zhi Kei and Adason Lo, more stars have confirmed their attendance to the 13th Global Chinese Music Awards (GCMA) in Kuala Lumpur.

Hong Kong heartthrob Raymond Lam Fung (pic), Taiwanese Golden Melody Awards winner Wei Li An and up-and-coming group IO Band are all set to grace the awards, alongside Malaysian stars Penny Tai, Michael Wong and Gary Chaw. Hosted by 988, the awards show promises to be one of the biggest music events of this year and will take place at the Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil National Sports Complex on Oct 5.

GCMA was established in 2000 with seven Asian radio stations taking turns to host the awards show each time. The seven radio stations are Beijing Music Radio, Shanghai Dong Gan 101 and Music FM Radio Guang Dong from China, Taipei Pop Radio from Taiwan, RTHK from Hong Kong, YES 933 from Singapore and Malaysia’s own 988. The main objective of GCMA is to promote the development of Chinese music and acknowledge outstanding contributors in the music industry.

To hype up the event, you can now vote for your favourite stars! There are eight categories in which you can vote for: Most Popular Male Singer, Most Popular Female Singer, Most Popular Band, Most Popular Original Song, Most Popular New Singer, Most Popular Duet Song, Most Popular Group and Most Popular Top 20 Songs.

You can start voting from today. Just head to and pick your top choices.

Get your tickets to the awards early. Go to for more information.

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